Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Library funded, not convenient for unincorporated towns, Half Moon Bay

Half Moon Bay Review/Zeit Giest/Talkabout/Opinion, 10/25/15. "Friends of HMB Library not your friend- Do not answer the survey."

Did I say "BAM!" What about us?
"Why should anyone answer the "official" Library Survey.  Why validate the survey participation rate and validate the fact that you do not deserve a library closer to where you live?  There is something wrong when the County Elected Officials do not support their constituents in the unincorporated area! The Friends of the HMB Library are against serving the people of El Granada, Montara, Moss  Beach, Loma Mar, Pescadero, Princeton, La Honda and San Gregorio.

Friends of Half Moon Bay Library and the County  are clear that they do not want to place libraries near those users.  So how does that help the children in the public schools in those areas? Why would you subject  your children and seniors in the unincorporated areas to the inconvenience of driving miles in traffic to a library in Half Moon Bay?  Friends of Library are prejudiced against the County residents.

The Friends of the Library have bullied their way to the Half Moon Bay City Council and the County and only  serve only those that live in Half Moon Bay.  If they truly believe in Libraries they would petition the County to spend the County's 50% building share to build smaller libraries somewhere  along the Midcoast and near Pescadero!  There are many existing buildings within the County area that can be used as a library that would not impact the environment. Call to County. Residents!!!!!-Stand up and be heard: Your Children deserve the right to walk to a library! It is bad enough that they have to leave very early in the morning to go to their Middle and High schools!

Note photograph image from Facebook/Half Moon Bay Library.

Posted by Kathy Meeh

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