Friday, November 6, 2015

Complaints about nothing, Highway 1 San Pedro Creek bridge project

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Toxic NIMBY crabs rail against
CalTrans, as if there is an "alternative"
road builder in CA. And, because

our City needs to widen Highway 1
Traffic has been moving over the Highway 1, San Pedro Bridge project for two months. The ride is smooth with new structure and new pavement.  Lighten-up NIMBIES, you drive this road too.

Pacifica Tribune, 11/4/15 print edition, John Maybury, "Wandering & Wondering" column: "Finish the bridge."

"When will Caltrans REALLY complete the San Pedro Creek bridge project on Highway 1?

This thing has dragged on for months now, and it doesn't look like anything is happening out there anymore, with guardrails and shoulders still unfinished. After all the excitement about finishing the bridge on time, then a premature grand opening, and now this sloppy, slow anticlimax - what is Caltrans waiting for?  When will it ever end?"

Reference - The San Pedro bridge final paving operations occurred  mid-September 2014, see CalTrans Press Release, 8/26/15.  For related articles, "search this blog": San Pedro bridge. 

Note graphic from Delivra marketing.

Posted by Kathy Meeh


Anonymous said...

That's what happens when malcontents sue Caltrans!

Bob Dittman said...

spam the new owner of the tribune and remind them of why we don't subscribe or buy it at 7-11 (the best store in pacifica).
1. get rid of mayburrito
2. quit being a nancy hall mouth piece
3. exactly why do we have a "sanchez art center" as opposed to infill housing?
4. wtf? Library? who goes to libraries other than pedophiles looking for free anon internet?
5. the year is 2015, if you're going to do a library, your doing it wrong. The old people are dying, no excuse for a library. "the children" have cell phones. the seniors are dying.
6. Beach Blvd. and the pier are full of nobody who are spending a nickel at our best retailer: 7-11. probably not the bait or coffee shop either, given that you can't fish at the pier without being willing to fight to the death over a spot with the dude who is hiding the claws off of underside crabs in his tackle box.
7. why does the City allow no parking signs at the beach blvd condo's when it was clearly a condition of approval but they were conviently removed after a paint job a year or so ago?
8. i didn't visit my mom on rosita road enough in the last years of her life because i refused to deal with the traffic south of the moose lodge.
9. why is evert fireman a captain and every cop a sargent? Max pay? This town shouldn't be San Francisco, they should try out for a job in a big city, turn it in to an audition for the big departments who can afford them.
10. I've never heard anything as stupid as anything ever bleated by Sue Digre (nee DeRetard), it's embarassing.

regular Pacificans need to get out and vote. don't vote for the creep with the most signs!

Anonymous said...

Didn't Recology just raise our rates two percent last year?
Every year they're back asking for more.
Is their contract up for renegotiation in 2016 or what are they doing here?

Kathy please investigate what's going on!

Kathy Meeh said...

840, sure I'll "investigate" Recology after investigating YOU, and the motivation for your comment. For example, somehow your comment is lost, why is that?. The related Recology comments, including my 11/6, 10:48 pm comment, are located on the on the Michelle Kenyon article.

Business vendor services through this City (or any city) do have review and oversight, just as there is oversight through the Montara Water and Sanitary District utility, see Half Moon Bay Review, 11/5/15.
Beyond that personally, I don't care, see no reason to be concerned, and appreciate the reliable, well thought-out service that Recology has provided.

Anonymous said...

A 9% reduction should put us back to about 2013 rates, I think. I'm not getting that deal from anyone else. Thanks, Recology! And whatever the rates are, it's our city council who agreed to them and awarded the contract. If there's a problem with the process, take it up with them.