Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Reminder warning: big cats and other wild animals on trails too

San Francisco Chronicle/Erin Allday, 3/21/15.  "Mountain lion sighting up in San Mateo County."

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Thanks, just love these GGNRA trails!
"San Mateo County authorities are warning people to keep an eye out for mountain lions after noting an uptick in reported sightings and at least one death of a livestock animal — probably a llama — attributed to a big cat.  The llama death was reported earlier this month in Pescadero, near the 4900 block of Cloverdale Road, said Sgt. Joe Sheridan with the San Mateo County Sheriff’s Office. Since then, a resident reported seeing a mountain lion three times on his property on the 900 block of Miramontes Street in Half Moon Bay, Sheridan said.

The Half Moon Bay mountain lion probably isn’t the same one that killed the llama in Pescadero, but it’s not clear how many of the predators may be prowling around the area. All of the mountain lion sightings have been in rural, farmland areas, Sheridan said.

With mountain lions known to be roaming in the region, people should avoid hiking and running, especially alone, at dusk and dawn, when the animals are most active. If people see a mountain lion, they should not run but make a lot of noise and make themselves appear as big as possible." Read more.

Note:  photograph face page to Flickr groups/CA Wildlife pool. The photograph may have been taken by Georgia Stigall (who took similar to motion-sensor cam photographs).  

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