Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Empty hillside gains Harmony with people who will live there

Pacifica Tribune/Letters to the Editor, 3/4/15.  "Broken-heart" by Patricia Earley

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Empty hillside, building nothing adds no traffic
"Our economy is our volunteerism and our grants". 
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City improvement, looks like Daly City.
Other people should NOT be allowed to live here.
"Editor:  Just 30 years ago, Pedro Point looked like a densely-wooded Mediterranean village. Now it looks like it's being clear cut by a logging company. Still breaks my heart a little more each time I pass the development above the bowling alley. 

We already have traffic congestion challenges in that very area. Dollars to donuts these folks might have more than one vehicle. How does this improve Pacifica? We've lost another hillside (or three) we will never get back. How did we let this happen? Eternal vigilance, people. Or Daly City here we (be)come." 
Referenced development, 8 houses, 16-20 cars - Harmony at One.

Note: photographs. Land, 8 Roberts Road from  Redfin (a), includes slides, subdivision, video. House, 8 Roberts Road, 4,300 sq. feet, 3 car garage from Redfin (b), $5,195,000, plus HOA dues $278 monthly. "Now taking reservations for homes in the beautiful development, Harmony @ One. Located above and between Linda Mar and Rockaway Beaches. Homes have an 180 degree view of the Pacific Ocean and only a short walk to the beach. Just 15 minutes to San Francisco and SFO. Here is your opportunity to enjoy the California coastal lifestyle and the conveniences that suburbia and cities have to offer." 

Posted by Kathy Meeh


Kathy Meeh said...

Construction is not the completed product, so whining about it makes no sense. Its construction.

From Sharp Park Road, Mori Point looked scared when GGNRA put-in some service roads and/or trails there. After that was completed (now several years ago), the result was integrated. Of course, the project some of us would have preferred at Mori Point was the convention resort we voted for in the 1980's. (But NIMBIES managed to obstruct the project and bankrupt the developer, what else is new?)

Anonymous said...

Patricia will never be early for work if they don't do something to Highway 1.

Anonymous said...

The LTE has nothing to do with Harmony @ 1 which is two miles away from the area the author is writing about. Nice try though. May the derp be with you.

Kathy Meeh said...

708, really? ..."the development above the bowling alley. We already have traffic congestion challenges in that very area."

Thus, of these 8 to 10 new homes, potentially there would be 16-25 additional cars on highway 1, not all at one time, and not all during commuter hours.

If there's some other development there you're talking about do let us know. The LTE was one paragraph, split into two on this article for easier reading.

Anonymous said...

Apparently not easy enough, 935 Meeh.