Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Half Moon Bay Budget budget discussion

The Daily Journal/Samantha Weigel, 3/30/15. "Budget looking up for Half Moon Bay."  

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Downtown VRBO Residence Hotel
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Budget reality...  got it!
Despite the narrow failure of a measure to extend a sales tax increase in the last election, Half Moon Bay officials report the city is in strong financial footing enabling them to increase staff and plan the construction of a long-awaited new library.

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Downtown Main Street
The City Council discussed the preliminary 2015-2016 budget this month and set priorities that include continuing to proactively plan for infrastructure improvements, hire two new full-time employees and increase outreach opportunities to the Hispanic community. ....  Highlights of the city’s more than $14 million budget include having fully funded pension liabilities for city employees, a solid rainy day fund and a projected increase in hotel and property taxes. 

....  The city is in the midst of a multi-million dollar street repaving program and must continue to set aside funds to deal with miles of sewers and storm water infrastructure in need of regular maintenance, Deputy City Manager Alex Khojikian said. .... The city will continue to set aside reserves that account for a 30 percent of expenditures and $1.5 million toward the Main Street Bridge. Ruddock said she’s concerned that Mayor Marina Fraser expressed doubt about that amount being enough to fund improvements or replacement of the aging 100-year-old bridge, the fate of which was the topic of two ballot measures in the June election. ....  The City Council is scheduled to adopt the final 2015-2016 budget at a meeting June 2."   Read more.

Reference -  Half Moon Bay City Data.  Note Half Moon Bay photographs:  Downtown building, VRBO Residence; "Rose Colored Glasses 2"by Renonevada from Deviant Art; Main Street, Wikimedia Commons. 

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Anonymous said...

Considering Half Moon Bay was strongly considering Bankruptcy after the "Chop" litigation loss and they look to be doing much better now.

Maybe Peebles suing Pacifica into Bankruptcy would have been a better thing?

The Hippies and Noobees and Nimby's have won!

Anonymous said...

I wonder how much of their recovery can be traced to outsourcing their police to the County? Have they found a way to finance a new library without a bond election? Interesting, what our little neighbor has managed to do with strong, smart leadership. They also have an edge in that they look like a real town instead of a bunch of ever more tacky neighborhoods hugging a highway.