Sunday, March 29, 2015

Ah, memory detail seems not to be very good

... and may be related to our ongoing City progress struggles.

Science Daily/University of CA, Los Angeles, CA, "We don't notice much of what we see: 85 college students tried to draw the Apple logo from memory; 84 failed." 

Which is the Apple logo?
Don't peak at the answer in advance.
"Summary:  Of 85 UCLA undergraduate students, only one correctly recalled the Apple logo when asked to draw it on a blank sheet of paper, psychologists found. Fewer than half correctly
identified the logo when shown several options.  Among the participants were 52 Apple users, 10 PC users and 23 students who used both Apple and PC products -- but the findings did not differ between Apple and PC users.

....  In the new study, participants were asked how well they would be able to draw the Apple logo before being asked to draw it. "There was a striking discrepancy between participants' confidence prior to drawing the logo and how well they performed on the task," Castel said. "People's memory, even for extremely common objects, is much poorer than they believe it to be."  Read more, and should you take this alternative linked test, there are 12 apples logos to choose from (complicated)!

Reference - You promise not to peak until after you chose.   Answer:  Here,  CNN/Holden Frith, Special, 10/7/11. "Unraveling the tale behind the Apple logo."

Note graphic from Adam Blake, Meenely Nazian, Alan Castel, UCLA Psychology Department. 

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