Friday, March 27, 2015

A time and place to reflect

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Perches are nice too.
Pacifica Tribune/Horace Hinshaw, Editor, 3/10/15. "This is the way I see it..."

....  "Walking along the Promenade in Sharp Park, seeing people fishing off the pier, children running in and out of the water, while their parents watched, and people (hopefully paying visitors) walking along Palmetto Avenue, my wife (Marian) said, "We really do look like a beach town. People are enjoying themselves."

We stopped on our walk to clean one of the many benches erected along the beach. We have a friend for whom the bench is dedicated. Sitting on the bench gives you time to think, reflect on memories and just know that we are in a good place. Years ago the City started allowing the public to pay for a bench, usually dedicated to a deceased family member or friend. You see them all along the paths from Taco Bell north to the pier."

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