Wednesday, July 24, 2013

"Our highway is our bottleneck"

Pacifica Tribune Letters to the Editor, 7/23/13.  Why a lawsuit? by Gil Anda 

Lawsuit?  "My way" is outside public process.
No lawsuit?  Allow the FEIR process to continue.
Regional safety and the future are key public issues. 
"Editor:  First a few disclosures: I no longer live in Pacifica, I do have an ownership interest in property in Pacifica (one property adjacent to Highway 1), I'm not a lawyer, scientist or planning commissioner. That said; I do have comments I want to make regarding the lawsuit filed by Hal Bohner and Peter Loeb. According to the Tribune article, the complaint 'alleges the widening plan did not take into account elements of the local coastal plan, ...certified by the California Coastal Commission.

For the past year or more, these individuals have endeavored to derail a public process that they apparently have a problem getting their way with. Judging by their complaint, they need to keep their grievances within the planning process itself and make their appeals in front of the Coastal Commission, if they think the highway plan doesn't conform to the local coastal plan. I certainly don't think that this is something that belongs in the courtroom at this time.

I would urge the council to stay on track. There are far too many issues that have to do with public safety and the capacity of this highway going into the future."

Note:  Related Highway 1 articles are archived in the search section of Fix Pacifica blog.  Graphic from the Arden Forester blog.

Posted by Kathy Meeh


todd bray said...

I respect Gil's opinion as I know he is a thoughtful man. However it must be noted he has land that the widening project would need to acquire. This "sliver" as the EIR/EA refers to has been in limbo because of the threat of the project. Regardless if the project moves forward or hopefully dies on the vine, Mr. Anda and several other "sliver" owners need to be compensated for literally decades of government limbo.

Either way Gil needs to be paid

Anonymous said...

So you have a vested interest near highway 1 also.

The talk of the highway 1 fix has been going on for almost 35 years

Anonymous said...

Oh, the government is to blame. Good to know. Sure, pay off everyone. You don't have to win your bet, just sit at the table long enough. This is Pacifica!

Sorry, Gil has moved away. His was always an intelligent, fair and sensible voice.

Anonymous said...

So what if Gil has a sliver of a piece of property near hywy1. He has every right to his opinion. He is a good man. Stop turning everything into a scandal.

Hutch said...

I know Gil would be in favor of the widening even if he didn't own property there.

Anonymous said...

What difference does it make if he owns a piece of property or not. The highway has been debated for over 35 years.

I know the haters and gang of no having someone capitalize on selling a property.

Stupid and pointless.

Anonymous said...

Much ado about absolutely nothing. Bray disclosed facts that Gil Anda had already disclosed and then went on to suggest Gil was entitled compensation for having his property tied up for years. No one has attacked Gil Anda. Quite the contrary.