Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Devil's Slide park plans discussed in Moss Beach

Half Moon Bay Review/Clay Lambert, 7/26/13.  "County unveils Devil's Slide trail plans." 

Devil's Slide Park
Devil's Slide coastal map
"Coastsiders got their first virtual look at what could become the crown jewel in the San Mateo County Parks system when staff presented plans for the finished trail along Devil’s Slide.

The plans were unveiled Thursday during a meeting at Cypress Meadows in Moss Beach. San Mateo County Parks Superintendent Gary Lockman characterized the plans as “20 to 30 percent complete,” but it was clear that a great deal of thought has already gone into the trail. Engineers presented detailed drawings of elevations and composite photos of what a finished trail would look like. The county is accepting public comment via email at parksandrecreation@smcgov.org through Aug. 8.

Plans call for 38 parking spots split between lots on either end of the 1.3-mile trail. The existing roadway would be smoothed in spots and covered with a new surface. The 24 feet of pavement would be divided with 12 feet dedicated for bicyclists in lanes hugging Montara Mountain and the 12 feet closest to the edge set aside for hikers."  Read article.

Related San Mateo County Times/Aaron Kinney, 7/24/13,"Devils Slide takes shape." This article includes 12 photographs of the site location, and work being done.

Half Moon Bay Review/Julia Reis, 6/13/13, "Devil's Slide park may open sooner." "Chris Hunter, legislative aide to County Supervisor Don Horsley, says relinquishment is planned for late summer or fall.  He anticipates the park could open several weeks after that but stresses it is dependent upon Caltrans’ schedule.“We’re hoping to be opening it earlier,” Hunter says. “We didn’t want the public to have to wait a year. It’s going to be very exciting, but we’re not doing anything until Caltrans finishes their project.”  The park will include a new section of the California Coastal Trail. There will be parking, restrooms and informational kiosks at either side of the tunnels."  Note:  Map graphic above from this article.      

Posted by Kathy Meeh


Anonymous said...

What happens when el nino comes and washes Devil Slide roadway into the ocean. Do these people think Caltrans, the County or the cities will pay millions to restore a trail?

It will end up just like Thorton Beach.

Anonymous said...

I think that many people understand that this Devil's Slide Park is of a temporary nature and will enjoy it while they can. Doubt that Caltrans will accept any responsibility once they pass it over to the County.

In the meantime, enjoy what we have been given. I predict that there will be an increase in cliff rescues and parking issues as out-of-towners begin to explore the area.

Anonymous said...

1007 I predict you're right. Any prediction on which side of the slide the visitors spend their visitor dollars?

Anonymous said...


Actually it could go either way. I suppose it depends whether visitors are headed north or south on Hwy One. The shopping center at Pedro Point has a several casual restaurants that could benefit.