Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Ordinary and professional heroes saving kids from rip currents and high tides

Yeah, but you surf here, and
we're only learning to understand rip currents

Half Moon Bay at Frances Beach, and near the Ritz Carlton yesterday.

Half Moon Bay Review/Mark Noack, 7/1/13.  "Half Moon Bay surfer saves drowning juveniles."

Off to save a couple of kids today
A Half Moon Bay surfer is being credited for risking his own life to save two children who were swept out to sea by rip currents Monday afternoon.  ....  Around this time, Johnny “Donson” Sousa was coming in from a surf session when he heard the commotion from the victims’ family and bystanders. He paddled out with his surfboard and instructed both juveniles to cling to his board.“I just told them to relax, or I’d get away from them,” Sousa said, explaining he knew he was running a huge risk.

 ....  Just before the Francis Beach incident, Coastside firefighters and a State Parks lifeguard were called out to another water rescue near the Ritz Carlton, Half Moon Bay. A group of children became trapped at the beach when the tide came up, preventing them from leaving. San Mateo County Sheriff’s deputies responded first to the scene and were able to help the children off the beach.  Read article.

Note:  photographs of Francis Beach from Yelp, by Sousa B.

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