Wednesday, July 3, 2013

No traffic, no problem; no school, no traffic

No traffic,
no problem;
no school,
no traffic    
No school, no grades, duh!
Pacifica Tribune, Letters to the Editor, 6/25/13.   "How's the traffic now?" by Pete Shoemaker

"Editor:  I've been driving the morning commute out of Vallemar for 23 years and like anyone who lives here I'm aware of the obvious: there is NO traffic problem when school is out. Everyone who drives in Pacifica knows this, yet Caltrans essentially ignores it in their highway widening proposal.

The reason I'm opposed to the highway widening plan is that it does not address the prime cause of the problem, and therefore has little chance of being the best solution.  To fix a problem, you need to address the main cause of the problem. If traffic is heavy when school is in session, and light when school is not, then the cause of the problem is not the width of the highway it's the impact of the schools.  To quote Homer Simpson: "Duh!"  Read more.  

Note:  Graphics, Homer Simpson from Jon and Scott's Blog: Bart Simpson Report Card graphic from Fan Pop. 

Posted by Kathy Meeh


Chris Porter said...

Pete, if you have been driving the commute out of Vallemar, you missed the traffic congestion problem my friend. School is now out but there has definitely been an increase in the morning traffic from the tunnel opening. Seen the traffic at night as early as 4:00pm.backing up past the on ramp near Sharp Park Golf Course? This goes on until at least 5:30 pm. Hey, but wait a minute..Aren't you the same Pete Shoemaker who said the Quarry could not be built in by Peebles because there was too much traffic already to accomodate any increase. There was no discussion about the School traffic or timing the lights or anything like that then. Why is that? The arguements change depending on what side you are on. Hey Pete, is it OK with you if I call Peebles and tell him the traffic problem is solved or should I save this information for the next developer? Oh wait a minute, will the traffic become a problem again then......

Hutch said...

"Everyone who drives in Pacifica knows there is no traffic when school is out."

Really, nice spin. There's heavy traffic every morning and afternoon so that disproves your NIMBY anti progress theory. You're here for 20 years? Well I've been here a lot longer and have seen the anti development folks fight the highway widening for 30 years.

Well it's time to get this done. Get out of the way hippies.

Anonymous said...

Without any name calling or making people look inferior. I just want to let you know Mr. Shoemaker that we are living the 21st century. We need to move on. I don't know how much longer we are living but we need to protect our future generation as much we need to protect the environment.

I want to share something with all you. I migrated to this country 30 years ago and people didn't care much for littering and wasting. I recalled getting into a disagreement with someone telling me that I was wasting my time in trying to recycle or reusing thing over and over again. My point to this is that Something has to be done now! Don't wait any longer. The population is growing and people are buying more cars than ever. Each household have multiple cars and that is something we can't stop.

We need to expand our highway is dangerous and we need to do something now! We are living in the United States of America not in a undeveloped country that roads don't even existed.

Anonymous said...


Trying to reason with this guy is like trying to reason with terrorists. They don't want to reason, they only see the cause!

Anonymous said...

Pete Shoemaker will say anything to stop progress and raise taxes