Monday, July 1, 2013

CA gas tax increased 3.5 cents today

Silicon Mercury News/Gary Richards, 6/29/13. "State gas tax roses 3.5 cents, giving California the highest in the nation."

O M G !
"Nobody likes high gas prices -- or taxes -- and Californians are about to get hit with both when a 3.5-cent increase in the state gasoline tax kicks in Monday.  That will give the Golden State the highest gas tax in the nation -- nearly 72 cents a gallon.

....  The Legislature gave the tax board the authority to raise the excise tax by a simple majority vote. If a tax had gone before voters as a special tax, it would have needed a two-thirds majority.

....  Taxable sales of gas in California have fallen from 15.9 billion gallons in 2006 to 14.6 billion gallons last year, a result of the recession and vehicles that get better mileage. That translated to a $157 million shortfall in revenue last year."  Read article.

Related -  Fix Pacifica article reprintSan Francisco Chronicle, 2/28/13.  CA portion of gas tax increasing to 39.5 cents, 7/1/13.  Note:  Photograph from, (Stockphotos).

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Anonymous said...

Down 2 cents the other day so they can raise it 3.5 cents today.

Government tax and spend.