Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Business, and knowing your dog and cat hints

Notice lately more commercials are catching your attention with the antics of dogs, cats and other animals? Recently the Chronicle Business Insider hook is dogs and cats. Good information though, and we do love our pets. 

San Francisco Chronicle/Business Insider/William Wei, 6/22/13.

"Here's why dogs howl?"  Embedded video, 1:30 minutes.  A growl means you're too close.  A howl means you're too far away, I want to communicate with you.  (the reaction may also be stimulated by a siren.such as from a fire engine)."

"I'm here !"
Related WFN archives, Did you know" "Why a dog howl and a cat don't respond to a siren?    When a siren sounds there, you will hear dogs howling all along Main Street.
"I'm not here !"

Some people think that this behavior is brought on by the canine’s sensitive hearing, so the dogs are just howling out of irritation.  But the reason behind their howl is that sirens might sound like the faraway howl of another dog to them. One howl leads to another, and before long you’ll hear a whole chorus of dogs responding to one another. The right noise will get a dog lifting his nose and woo-woo-wooing to naturally return the call of the wild.

A howl can send up a signal that says “I’m here!” and the respondent howl of other wolves is a reply of “We’ve over here!” Even if the siren does not mimic exactly the sound of another dog, they can probably pick out a component part of the siren that does. Cats hunt alone, and so they do not respond to the sirens."  Note:  The howling hound photograph is from this article. 

And its only fair, from the same San Francisco Chronicle/Business Insider link, "previously, we explored why cats love boxes so much with ASPCA science advisor Dr. Stephen Zawistowski." Video .58 seconds.  Note:  The cat in box photograph is from Castster.com. 

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