Sunday, July 21, 2013

Millbrae hopes to identify its future as a "young, urban destination"

What to do with empty, outmoded buildings?
"Complete redevelopment"
The Daily Journal (San Mateo), Angela Swartz, 7/19/13.  "Millbrae wants to get development plan moving forward."

“The general plan will be a blueprint for developers,” said Councilman Wayne Lee. “The hope is for a young, urban destination. Millbrae needs to find its own identity. We can’t be Burlingame Avenue or Tanforan. I want this to be more like Santana Row. We want to be a world-class city that has a small-town feel.”

Planning Commission Chair Andrew Baksheeff said he is excited about seeing how utilizing new development sites will play into the city of Millbrae down the road. “Millbrae is planning for the future with limited funding,” said Lee. “There are empty storefronts, so there are lots of opportunities.” The area the city hopes to develop is owned by a variety of stakeholders, including BART."  Read more.

Note:  Photograph of  1395 El Camino Real, Millbrae from loopnet,

Posted by Kathy Meeh


Anonymous said...

Millbrae wants to and can

Pacifica, does not want to and can not

Hutch said...

Millbrae took concrete steps, outsourced police and negotiated 5% compensation reductions. No need to tax its citizens to death.

Anonymous said...

Pacifica is a shabby town with pockets of real blight. Not enough money to apply more than a temporary Band-Aid to any of it. Led by those who's idea of progress is to raise our taxes and build a library--so we can all feel better about ourselves. Other cities change and grow. We do not.

Anonymous said...

Please leave if it's so bad. You whiners need to live somewhere else if all you can do is bitch without ever offering any solutions.

Anonymous said...

Revenue producing projects.

Anonymous said...

Pay attention happy camper
@333. Development is the solution, lots of actual revenue producing development. That's still not happening. Until it happens, Pacifica is on life-support. Development as a solution is mentioned on this site all the time, frequently by people who have lived here for decades and watched the continuing parade of impractical enviros and closet nimbys destroy this town. All seem to have the same very flawed solution...more taxes.

Not about to put on the rose-tinted glasses, drink the current brand of Kool-Aid, or give up on Pacifica. The criticisms are valid. You can deal with it!

Anonymous said...

Pacifica is very beautiful. A sliver on the coast we have to be careful how we build and what we build. No rose colored glasses here, just a careful observation.