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Economic development suggestion for Pacifica, we have fish

Pacifica Tribune. Letters to the Editor,7/9/13. "Fishing hotspot" by Bob Hutchinson

christmas eve 2010
How about a marina right here?
"Free, thanks Pacifica!"
"Editor:  There has been a lot of talk in the past about our environment being our economy. One thing Pacifica does not promote as much as we should is the world class fishing here. We are one of the only places in the world where you can catch King salmon and Dungeness crabs off a pier. And with no fishing license needed. Our Striped Bass surf fishing is legendary. Also Perch can be caught in the surf and Rockfish in (yes) the rocks.  

Fishing is the number one sport in the US. Sport fishermen travel from across the country and world to fish hotspots like Cabo, Alaska and Australia. They spend billions on hotels, dining out even hiring fishing guides. The San Francisco Bay Area is one of those hotspots with salmon, halibut, sturgeon, rockfish, tuna and abalone industries generating a billion plus dollars a year.

Pacifica could easily attract some of these tourists with money to spend with very little effort. I notice on the city website there is little or no mention of the world class fishing here in Pacifica:

Another thing to look into would be creating a marina at the southern end of Linda Mar Beach. That would potentially generate millions a year for the city, but the enviro radicals and Coastal Commission would fight that to the death.

And also charging for parking at Sharp Park Beach and inside the old wastewater treatment plant is long overdue.

We should at least let people know on our home page and promote this valuable resource more than "trails" which bring us very little money. I think it's an industry we could easily develop into something that could attract 1000s more visitors a year. The Tribune used to have a fishing report. I don't know why they stopped. And it wouldn't cost too much to put some little ads in the back of some fishing publications."

Submitted by Bob Hutchinson
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Posted by Kathy Meeh


Anonymous said...

Guess that Mr Hutchinson doesn't surf. Putting a marina at the southern end of Linda Mar Beach? Not a winning idea, Bob, not at all.

Same thing was once proposed at Rockaway as I recall. Still a bad idea, but maybe not as bad as at Linda Mar.

Anonymous said...

The Army Core/corp of Engineers proposed it when they built the seawall and marina at Princeton. Pacifica and the gang of no promply told them thanks but no thanks go away.

The surfers had a free ride for years with the free parking in Linda Mar. The total return about 1% of the cost of maintaining the Beach Parking lot, garbage removal and vandalism to the showers and bathrooms.

Steve Sinai said...

I don't ever remember a serious proposal being made for a seawall and marina in Pacifica.

Anonymous said...

Did you live here when Princeton Breakwater and Marina was built?

1961. It was started the inter-breakwater was built much later.

Steve Sinai said...

I didn't show up in Pacifica until 1983.

It's going a bit overboard to blame the Gang of No for decisions made in 1961.

Anonymous said...

Opinions are like butts.

Everyone has one and everyone else's stinks.

The gang of no started right after Linda Mar Track was built. They didn't want Sun Valley nor Park Pacifica built.

Anonymous said...

Actually it started in the late 50's early 60's save our hills and friends of the hills.

Anonymous said...

Steve Sinai:

A number of proposals, all pretty much someone's pipe dream were made in the late 60's and into the mid-70's, maybe even later. Here are a few that I recall:

A marina at south end of Rockaway Beach.

Condos or townhouses on the WEST side of Hwy 1 near Crespi.

A Sea Ranch type development on the top of Pedro Mountain.

A series of high rise (10+ stories) apartment/condo towers on the top of Pedro Mountain.

An amusement park in Shelter Cove.
( think that was Jim Telegan's idea).

Maybe other resident's can recall other such proposals.

Steve Sinai said...

I remember someone running for council proposed a UFO welcome center. Was that around 2000?

What matters is which proposals had very little chance of going forward in the first place, and which ones had a good chance of going forward but were blocked by NIMBYS. Let's not blame the failure of the former on the NIMBYS.

Anonymous said...

Can we agree to place the silly outlet mall concept that everyone here trots out once a week in with the former category also and shut up about it until an actual developer starts discussing it?

Anonymous said...

Some religious group wanted to built a huge retreat on the top of Perez. That was recently. Another group wanted to build either a senior assited living center or senior apartments at the very top of Higgins.

Anonymous said...

3 of the biggest outlet mall builders passed on the quarry.

Not many outlet mall builders out there.

Anonymous said...

Lots of outlet mall info here.

Anonymous said...

610 Sure. Put it right next to that money pit on Beach Blvd. Of course the money pit has sucked up about $700,000 in city funds over, what, maybe 14 years, for various plans and Council pipedreams. Separate category, right?

Anonymous said...

Lots of grandiose ideas put forth over the years by Pacifican's with imagination, creativity, but, alas, no money.

The developer of the RV Park on Palmetto got that project underway and it eventually evolved (spiraled downward) into a bunch of run down rental trailers. Think the City finally got that problem under control. That developer went on to buy a ski resort at Tahoe (Homewood?) as I recall. Have no idea if that made him money and if it did, if any of that money made it back to Pacifica. I know we had a local builder doing some very nice houses in Vallemar at one time, Jerry Cole(?). Went on to take his winnings onto Nashville to try his hand at country music, so I've heard.

Anonymous said...

Was Nathan Topol the guy who owned the RV park?

He tried to buy all of Homewood Resort and do a bunch of projects in Reno and lost them all.

Anonymous said...

The nice thing about development is that the economic and political climate for it can change. New ideas, new money, new appetites.

Anonymous said...

click your glass slippers together!

Anonymous said...

@448 hopeless anon thx for the reality check