Sunday, January 8, 2012

Save Sharp Park Golf Course advocates receive Presidents Award

SAN FRANCISCO -- The Golf Course Superintendents Association of Northern California (GCSANC) will recognize Mr. Richard H. Harris and Mr. Robert D. "Bo" Links for their exceptional contributions to the game of golf, evidenced through their grassroots efforts to help save Sharp Park Golf Course, a much-loved seaside municipal facility in Pacifica, CA, designed by legendary architect Alister MacKenzie. The prestigious GCSANC Presidents Award will be presented at the association's annual meeting and awards ceremony on Monday January 9, at The Course at Wente Vineyards (Livermore, CA). More than 100 golf course superintendents and allied golf industry leaders are anticipated to attend the ceremony.

"We are very pleased to recognize these fine gentlemen," stated GCSANC President & Host Superintendent Glenn Matthews. "They have worked tirelessly in support of public golf as they fully demonstrate the kind of effort it takes to preserve public golf especially in challenging economic and political times."


Posted by Steve Sinai

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Paul Slavin said...

Steve, did you actually post this at 4:19 am? I think there’s an interesting story right there. Maybe not. Anyway, it’s nice that Rich Harris and Bo Links have been recognized for all they’ve done to save our golf course. These guys don’t need Sharp Park, they’re a couple of scratch golfers, lawyers well-off enough to play any course they wanted to play. But they whole-heartedly believe in the idea of affordable public golf, the value of the things that golf teaches kids, and the importance of golf to the healthy, happy, well-rounded lives of so many people who will never tee up a ball in a private country club.

Many people have contributed significantly to this fight, but I think that most of us realize that, without the relentless dedication, the legal expertise, and the political savvy of the San Francisco Public Golf Alliance, the battle might have already been lost.

Paul Slavin