Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Maybe we need a sustainable city economy, Laurie.

From Pacifica Tribune, Letters-to-the-Editor, 1/25/12, "City finances" by Laurie Goldberg.

"Editor:  I went to the forum on Financing of City Services and was alarmed that many of the proposed cuts were to services that benefit seniors, students, and the Pacifica Resource Center, which serves all Pacificans, but especially people in need. In these hard times with people losing houses, losing jobs to take away funding from such a resource is just unthinkable.

Why not look at our Police Department that has RAV's that they drive on the beach to ticket for dogs off leash? Now where is the funding coming for that? How about the City Manager's salary and others in the city government.

Where is a Robin Hood in these times where so many middle and lower class citizens are struggling to make ends meet? We need accounting of where our hard-earned tax dollars are going. Maybe we need an Occupy Pacifica." 

Helping the least among us is admirable.  Having a sustainable city would help solve that long-term financial, motivational, and structural deficiency.

Posted by Kathy Meeh


Anonymous said...

Isn't this coming from the lady who wants nothing built in town?

Anonymous said...

I think she's a dog-walker; so it sounds like she got ticketed on the beach, that seems to be her agenda. Dog walkers are a business, try running a business on a State Park land and see if that works for you.

Anonymous said...

"Sigmund Fried said...Laurie Goldberg has many challenges she should address before coming out in public to criticize anything. I believe she was the infamous button-pusher at the vallemar pedestrian crossing during the quarry vote. You know, the one that kept pushing the button causing traffic to back up the highway thus proving we have a traffic problem, which of course, now we don't! This makes me crazy!"

Dear Sigmund Fried, this is where your comment belongs, rather than on an unrelated article. You're driving me crazy doing that!

Anonymous said...

If this is the gal that shows up to all the anti development issues, she is a renter here in Vallemar. Seen in the Quarry against any growth, pitching why we do not want tax revenue. Great, a dog poop park just for her and her friends. Maybe she should show up for ther Financial Task Committee Meetings and understand what the real tax payers in this town do for the benefit of our Community and the dire straights we are truly in. If we lose the Police Dept., we have lost the last say in how we can keep our first responders within our Community. Next, Unincorporated. Next, no City Council. Good bye.... What? Daly City does not have a green agenda? They get the big picture. Sustainability for the population. Who is going to run for City Council in Dlay City to represent our own City? When these individuals have a claim
with vandelism, threat of personal harm, or theft of their own property, think on who you call for help. The next time you complain about the Police Dept., have some respect for the men and women who serve our Community.