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GGNRA moves into El Granada - Rancho Corral de Tierra

Half Moon Bay Review/Mark Hoack, 1/19/12. "One month after taking control, Golden Gate National Recreation Area officials are installing new gates at Rancho Corral de Tierra to help prevent illegal bonfires and outdoor parties. 

New signs posted at Rancho Corral de Tierra
Party-time is over, fences go up.
National parks officials on Tuesday put in a new fence at the end of Coral Reef Road in El Granada to block off-road vehicles from heading onto the back trails. San Mateo County Sheriff's officials say Coral Reef has been a problem spot where partygoers drive out on old ranch roads to rural clearings to drink alcohol. Last month, one such party got out of hand, and Sheriff's deputies ended up delivering several drunken teenagers to the hospital. Local firefighters were also called out to extinguish a bonfire at risk of spreading along the hillside.

The piles of garbage from last month's revelry still need to be cleaned up, GGNRA officials say. They are planning a workday with nearby residents sometime next month to clear out the trash. In the meantime, GGNRA installed the new fences and signs to warn that open fires and litter are illegal and punishable with fines."This was the first thing that neighbors asked us to get done," said GGNRA ranger Alexandra Picavet. "At the very least, this gate will help people know they've moved onto a different piece of land."
The new gates will still allow hikers to visit the trails. Similar gates could be installed at other entrances to Rancho Corral in the Moss Beach area, Picavet said.

GGNRA fully acquired stewardship of the Rancho Corral property last month as part as $20 million purchase with the Peninsula Open Space Trust. At the time of the transfer, parks officials pledged to work with surrounding communities on developing the park and its trail system."

Rancho Corral de Tierra (in Moss Beach and El Granada) references:  
Golden Gate National Recreation (GGNRA) properties. Newest property Rancho Corral de Tierra, includes maps.
Peninsula Open Space Trust (POST) transfer of 4,262 acres to the GGNRA. Bay Nature Innstitute, 5/25/11, 3:37 minute video.  

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