Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Ohlone history program in Santa Cruz

Acorn sifting basket and grinding mortar and pestle
From Mercury News/Central Coast, 12/27/11. "In the past two months, 1,253 students and 438 adults connected with native Californian Ohlone history and culture at the Santa Cruz Museum of Natural History.

 Students' appreciation -- quoted in their own words from recent thank-you notes -- reveals details of our Ohlone programs: "When I was there I felt like an Ohlone Indian." "I appreciate when you let us use the equipment to make fire.""I think it was fun when you told us the coyote story."  My favorite was . . . "sitting on the rabbit skin," "getting to touch the tule," "playing the stave game," "learning how to smush acorns," "cooking with rocks," "when you dressed Sean as a deer hunter." Volunteer docents lead these museum tours. Docenting is gaining knowledge and passing it on to the next generation.  Docent Sylvia Patience reflects, "I really enjoy watching how kids quiet down and listen when I tell a story -- the power of story is amazing. And I love how they become engrossed in activities, such as grinding acorns or playing the stick game." Full story..

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