Sunday, December 18, 2011

Holidays are with us - Hanukkah begins Tuesday at sundown

...and continues for 8 days.  For those interested,  a second annual Chanukah Festival  is held Thursday, December 22nd, 5:30pm-6:45pm in Redwood City, 2200 Broadway at Courthouse Square.

From  San Mateo Daily Journal/Heather Murtagh, 12/17/11."Adding light to the world is one of the outcomes of Hanukkah, which people can locally celebrate at a couple of upcoming events....Hanukkah, which begins Tuesday night, is the celebration of lights. More than 21 centuries ago, Israel was ruled by the Seleucids. A small group of Jews defeated a large army, driving away the Greeks to reclaim their temple in Jerusalem. When they looked to find olive oil, only a one-day supply was found. The oil burned for eight days. It is this miracle that is central to the holiday, which is celebrated the same number of days.".....

“The significance of Hanukkah today is a reconfirmation of faith and hope,” said Rabbi Levi Potash, director of Chabad of Mid-Peninsula. “Redwood City’s public Menorah lighting proclaims the universal message of religious freedom and tolerance, so critical in light of today’s world situation. In ancient times, our ancestors rededicated the Temple in Jerusalem with the Menorah. Today, we rededicate ourselves to making this world a better and brighter place. We look forward to welcoming everyone at a warm and happy celebration.”

Ella Potash, program director for the event, expected 50 to 75 people last year and was pleasantly surprised to have about 200 attend the inaugural event. They’re hoping for a similar turnout this year. To be sure there are enough latkes and jelly doughnuts for everyone, people are asked to RSVP online at The free registration also puts the person’s name in a drawing to win a free Flip video camera.  The opportunity to celebrate on the Peninsula was widely welcomed, Ella Potash said, noting many people previously went to San Francisco for a community celebration.  Broadway will be shut down for the celebration which will include local dignitaries and rabbis in attendance. But there will also be plenty of entertainment and arts and crafts for the children, she said.  For Rabbi Levi Potash, the best part of the holiday is the jelly doughnuts, he said with a laugh. Along with sharing the ceremony with the community, he looks forward to lighting the menorah at home with his family."

You may enjoy Light One Candle, a Hanukkah song written by Peter Yarrow (of Peter, Paul and Mary) performed by Peter, Paul and Mary, video, 4:99 minutes.

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