Thursday, April 14, 2011


24-Mar-2011      What:   Rally and Fundraiser to Save Sharp Park 

WhenThursday, April 28, 2011, 6:00 p.m.
Where: Sharp Park Golf Clubhouse,  Pacifica, CA.

Why:  Designed by Alister MacKenzie and opened in 1932, Sharp Park Golf Course is currently the target of enviro-activist groups that want to turn the landmark public course into an exclusive frog and snake sanctuary. The activists filed suit in Federal Court in San Francisco on March 2, asking the Court to halt golf operations. U.S. Open champion Ken Venturi, honorary chairman of the San Francisco Public Golf Alliance, urges Bay Area golfers to fight to save the course

If you cannot attend in person, please send a donation to
the Public Golf Alliance to SAVE SHARP PARK!


Posted by Steve Sinai


Paul Slavin said...

Brent Plater and associated extremists, along with the GGNRA, have always counted on a lack of organized opposition to their plan to destroy Sharp Park. What they didn’t count on was Rich Harris and the SF Public Golf Alliance, who have worked tirelessly, and pro bono, to stop an audacious land-grab by some environmental carpetbaggers and save our landmark public golf course. Although many Pacificans have spoken out in support of Sharp Park throughout this long campaign, a single voice (or op-ed piece) does not carry the weight of a unified chorus, a gathering of voters large enough that elected officials must take notice. We have the chance to do just that on April 28, an opportunity to publicly affirm our support for Sharp Park and the people who’ve been leading the fight to save it. It’s time to step up and speak out, people. I hope to see many, many of you there.

Markus said...

Thank you Paul for your hard work in this fight. I will definitely be there with my wallet. I look forward to seeing as big a turn out as the fundraiser in 09.
Will it ever end?

Kathy Meeh said...

Its still beyond my comprehension that anyone who loves open space would want to destroy this beautiful open space, or roll the dice with the safety of Sharp Park neighborhood.

If this event is anything like the last, plan on a fun, informational event and big supportive crowd. (As Markus said its been 2 years since then). Looking forward to the event, and thank you to Paul and all of you who are directly involved.

Snakey Snakey said...

Snake oil salesman Plater needs a supply of snakes.