Friday, April 1, 2011

A comment on the WEI/CBD dog and pony show

I finally got to ask the question, face to face, about WEI/CBD’s report being accepted as “the primary scientific reference on Sharp Park”. This was during the question and answer period following the 2 hour tightly choreographed dog and pony show at the Hilton Library last night. The three presenters of the evening’s program quickly backed away from the claim, and I asked if John Bowie, whom I had never met, was in the room. A young fellow in a seat near the front half-rose and waved at me, and sheepishly admitted in an “Ah shucks” sort of way that San Francisco had NOT accepted the report as the primary blah blah blah. During this admission, Brent Plater stood about 10 feet from Mr. Bowie, completely unfazed, and said not a word. Ian Butler was filming everything, so maybe we’ll all get to see it on public TV. Ian also asked a question about the “peer-review” claim, and the presenters, seemingly on safer ground, fell over each other in proclaiming this is the way it was done in the enviro world, completely above board, always did it this way, etc. I tried to comment that this was not the way the general public views “peer-review”, but I was told to sit down. Brent might not have much regard for the truth, but he runs a tight ship.

Submitted by Paul Slavin


The Watcher said...

The report goes on to address the highway as an impediment to frog and snake travel. Solution?
Elevate or bury the highway. It's there, read it. And just how do they pay for the 10's of millions of dollars that little project would eat up?

Anonymous said...

"They" are not paying for it. We are. And what a genuine pleasure and honor that is. And aren't we lucky boyo to be guided by such world class environmental paragons. I mean where would we be without their wise counsel? Provided at no personal gain, I'm sure. And the blind faith of their adoring local followers? Nothing less than inspirational in its total acceptance of every word. God love 'em. There seems to be no limit to their agenda, no boundaries to their wisdom and vision of what our world should look like. I feel blessed, truly I do. Poor and getting poorer but really blessed you know. Don't you?