Thursday, April 7, 2011

Earth Day LTE



The name is Fogg, Joe Fogg, Private Eye and my beat is a crusty little town fifteen minutes south of the long forgotten filled in Barbary Coast. I was just leaving my favorite watering hole when a poster for a thing call Earth Day caught my eye. Not because I’m a tree hugger but because it was dedicated to the Great California Gray Whale. I took out my cell phone and started to call the world famous Great California Gray Whale known world wide through out every casino worth its weight in monogrammed toiletries. Estrichus Rugintus or as he is better known from Las Vegas to Macao as the “Great California Gray Whale” the most legendary high roller that ever lived who is a long time friend of mine and client. I had no idea he was in trouble.

“Wrong Great California Gray Whale Joe,” he informed me. “Earth Day this year is honoring the survival of the baleen species of aquatic mammal better known by it’s Latin name Eshrichtius Robustus.”

“Interesting, the spelling is strangely similar to yours” I replied.

Estrichus the Whale continued, “They can grow up to fifty two feet long, weigh in at over thirty six tons and live to be up to seventy years old.”

“Estri baby, that still sounds like you,” I joked.

“No kidding, fishermen from the 1800’s nick named them Devil Fish because they fought back fiercely when hunted upending whaler row boats full of harpoon throwing profiteers.”

“Sounds like you on a bad night at the tables my stout grey maned aging friend.”

“Well, these whales migrate from Alaska to Baja California and back every year traveling non stop night and day averaging one hundred and ninety kilometers a day. You may remember us sharing a few beers during the winter months watching their unique V shaped vapor spouts due to their doubled up air holes atop their barnacle encrusted heads.”

“I do, and that V shaped spouting still resembles you Estri. As a species the Eshrichtius Robustus sound pretty hearty, so why are we worried about the California Gray Whale,” I asked.

“It’s the litter and plastics that we are worried about Joe, they get into the ocean from all over the world and when the California Gray Whales feed in route they ingest hundreds of gallons of sea water at a time to catch little krill also ingesting all the litter and trash that’s out there floating in the ocean. It’s a horrible thing having all that litter and plastic caught in their thin long hairy looking teeth like baleen at the front of their mouths but it’s something we can help resolve.”

“How so?”

“By participating in the beach clean ups on Earth Day, which are largely sponsored by the City of Pacifica’s Parks Beaches and Recreation Department along with local businesses like Recology of the Coast, that are coordinated by the Pacifica Beach Coalition a non profit volunteer organization dedicated to litter removal city wide. Beach clean ups help keep trash like plastics out of the ocean, at least from your town of Pacifica. Individuals, groups of all kinds, businesses and schools all join in under the coordination of the Pacifica Beach Coalition several times a year to do a few hours of litter removal from all your beaches in town and a few other site as well.”

“Whoa, that’s some tale Estri, you might even call it a fluke.”

“Indeed. So are you going to show up on April 16 to help clean the beaches?”

“Oh yeah, that’s a good idea. Saturday Morning April 16 from 9 am to 11:30 am at any of Pacifica’s beaches?”

“Yep, and following that there is a huge party everyone is invited to sponsored by another non profit called Pacifica’s Environmental Family. Got to go Joe, we are descending into Monte Carlo for a black jack invitational,”

“Ricardo “the Black Jack” Ventura lives in Monte Carlo, Estri?”

“Got to go Joe. Support the Pacifica Beach Coalition! April 16.”

“Will do my friend, will do.”

Joe Fogg (Todd McCune Bray)

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