Sunday, April 10, 2011

City Council meeting agenda for April 11, 2011

Posted by Steve Sinai

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Kathy Meeh said...

"No surprise...Vreeland misses another Council meeting! I didn't catch the beginning so don't know if he was kidnapped by aliens or the thrill is gone but his chair was empty." from the "Sunshine is the best disinfectant" article, 8:36 pm.

When Councilmember Vreeland was missing again, my first thought was he really must be sick, but "kidnapped by aliens" might be a better alternative both for him and this city. Tom Clifford and Theresa Dyer each asked for Vreeland's resignation last meeting and this meeting. Clifford said Vreeland has only attended 2 meeting this year.

The Fire Tax envelopes are more or less secure: 32 envelopes came in tonight, and about 5,800 envelopes were received prior. Don't know about those ballots sitting in the city hall "county ballot box" mentioned here (Sunshine article) by Anonymous and Marcus. Think these ballots will be counted tomorrow morning at city council chambers (if I heard that correctly).

For those interested in attending the annual city council "general fund" budget study session, that meeting at city council chambers (Beach Blvd) occurs Wednesday, April 13, from 6pm.

Pete Pereira has 5 standard lot parcels, that were merged by the city several years ago (reason unknown). For estate purposes he wants these merged lots separated as they were originally. He as asked the city multiple times over several years to fix this, and to date has received no action. Finally he has had enough, and is ready to sue the city (giving the city a few weeks to respond first).