Friday, April 29, 2011

The Edge knows how to deal with annoying hippies - bribe 'em

Legal bribe from U2 rocker secures pristine clifftop coastal compound

On the day of the royal wedding, a Southern California news story also echoes the notion that the rich can do whatever they like.

U2 guitarist the Edge (nee David Evans) struck a deal with the Santa Monica Mountains Conservancy this week that will allow him to build five mansions on pristine Malibu cliffs known as Sweetwater Mesa. One of the conservancy's own advisers called area "one of the most impressive coastal-mountain interfaces in the country." Critics say the mansions will mar an undeveloped ridge line that's visible from much of the Malibu coast.

The government agency dropped its long-standing opposition to the compound in exchange for $750,000 in cash, $250,000 in kind (work provided by a consultant who works for the rocker) and 97 acres of conservation easements. One corner of the compound will also eventually host a short length of public trail.

Posted by Steve Sinai


Anonymous said...

Sinai, if it wasn't for the internet you'd never get your doofus quality journalism out there - can't you even post the facts?

The "Santa Monica Mountain Conservancy" is a State agency -- follow your own link. It was established by the California State Legislature in 1980. The so called "bribe" wasn't with "hippies" (I assume you meant a non-profit environmental group) but offered by Don Schmitz a "consultant" of the developer and the "Edge" to the State agency. See - no hippies, only more dirty developer money, no a surprise there.

Your headline should have read: "Land rapist knows how to deal with the bureaucrats - bribe 'em"

Kathy Meeh said...

I found your doofus Anon 10:52am, its you. Try reading the first article link, this was a cool $1 million "quid pro quo" deal with the Santa Monica Mountains Conservancy group: "...the Santa Monica Mountains Conservancy agreed to take a neutral position on the high-profile project in exchange for a $750,000 payment, $250,000 worth of work by a consultant who works for the musician..."

Anonymous said...

I love it. No one hardly sees or looks at that mountain ridgeline. Its nothing. They got the money, then do it. And if it burns down, they still have the money to pay the high taxes and ins to rebuild.

Anonymous said...

Must we save every ridgeline? I know that's what the enviro playbook says but where's the balance in that? I see the legal fees but where's the balance and the fairness. There's nothing wrong with building beautiful well-planned homes, spending money, creating work. Not everyone has taken a vow of poverty.
Well, apparently all of us in Pacifica have but you know what I mean.