Monday, April 4, 2011

Half Moon Bay Police Department outsource is official

Officers will be hired by San Mateo County Sheriff's Department

Half Moon Bay Review 4/4/11.  "Speaking to the council, Sheriff Greg Munks promised his department would hire all Half Moon Bay police officers so long as they met performance, health and background standards. City leaders were encouraged by this gesture, saying it would keep local experience intact for the police force."

Outsourcing Half Moon Bay Recreation Department to San Carlos is pending...
"Under its proposal, the city of San Carlos and its 15-person recreation staff would provide local sports and activities at minimal cost to Half Moon Bay, but the distant city would also have considerable control over Half Moon Bay's facilities and would keep the revenues from programs and classes. Urging caution, Cara Schmaljohn, executive director of Senior Coastsiders, said she feared her organization and its activities for seniors held at the Ted Adcock Community / Senior Center could be pushed aside if San Carlos was given management of the building."

Posted by Kathy Meeh

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