Tuesday, November 2, 2010


Please remember to vote today.
This vote is important to the health and vitality of Pacifica.
I recommend Sue Velone and Len Stone for council.
Both local business people with the experience to lead Pacifica out of this financial mess we find ourselves in and end the cronyism that seems to be endemic of this current council.
I would also recommend voting for Measure P. Our schools are woefully underfunded through no fault of their own.
Jim Wagner


Anonymous said...


China owns most of our debt.
George Soros wants China to be the World Leader.
George Soros owns the Democratic Party and Pres Obama. If it were not for Soros, Obama would not be president.
George Soros and the Green Movement wants population control. They eventually want all Americans removed from most land. They are doing this by deindustrializing America. Senator Boxer has helped this happen with her Green Bills which passed in California, by making it too expensive to run a business in California. Since the democrats took over the House in 2007, billions of taxpayers money went to contraceptives and abortion clinics. Bill Gates of Microsoft also is for the de-population of America. How will they do this? Well, all of these people mentioned above want CHINA to take over America. George Soros and Pres Obama want to de-value our dollar which will wipe out most of Americans wealth. Ask yourself, what would America look like if they get their way. See above link and imagine what lengths these people will go to. It is all in the Health Care Reform Bill that was passed by the Democrats. Most of the bill will go into effect in 2014. Our children's lives will be very different. Help protect our children's future and vote OUT every politician that voted for Obamacare, out of office. Protect America. Go Vote.

Anonymous said...

"We have always been at war with Eurasia."

Or is it Eastasia?

I'm so confused; since I don't listen to Alex Jones, I always forget with one we're supposed to be in perpetual fear of.

Anonymous said...

American Company's have been working, since Obamacare has passed, to figure out what this new health care means to them by laying off hundreds and even thousands of workers. This has left many company's holding large amounts of capital.

Interestingly enough, extreme wealthy, like George Soros and the Rothschilds, family's have ,months ago, pulled out of America's Stocks. Company's have since been buying their own stocks. This has kept our DOW Jones, NASDAQ, S&P stable. But, for how long? What will happen when our dollar is devalued?

George Soros and his Green Sheeple (who he funds) went after Wells Fargo Bank for investing in mining in America for Gold. George Soros, and his Greenie Sheeple won and Wells Fargo Bank was forced to stop investing in mining for GOLD.

George Soros pulled out of all America Investments and Invested heavily in Mining for GOLD. Guess where? In America. He forced TARP. Got his money, pulled out of the stock market, fucked up everybody, divided our country, and is now invested heavily in; OIL, GOLD, FERTILIZERS. He frequently visits the President at our White House. George Soros funds; Moveon.org, Tide Foundation, Pro-Publica and countless other non-profits. Many founded in San Francisco or Berkeley.

After elections, Nov 4th, Pres Obama will go to India, the 2nd largest economic leading country, and stay at the Taj Mahal with over 500 people, booked 700 rooms. No President has ever done this. Spending YOUR MONEY.

Anonymous said...

The tea is too strong.... or is it the acid?

Anonymous said...

I always vote against anything Wagner recommends - it's a sure thing.

Anonymous said...

If Thomas Paine had been asked what he thought of Nancy Pelosi and company tucking into Obamacare a provision forbidding future Congresses from overturning portions of the law, he might have responded with a quote from his essay "The Rights of Man": "The vanity and presumption of governing beyond the grave is the most ridiculous and insolent of all tyrannies."

Unless tomorrow's election begins a serious rollback, our grandchildren will be paying for Mr. Obama's and Mrs. Pelosi's extravagant spending well beyond the grave. And it could be curtains for our self-governing republic.


Erin Macias said...

Thanks Jim, wise recommendations for Pacifica's future.

Anonymous said...

Republican Gov. Schwarzenegger terminates welfare credit/debit cards, democratic legislature approved uses, from being used at; Pot Clubs, Tatoo Parlors, Cruise Ships, Bingo Halls, Casinos, Massage Parlor.

Chalk one up for the tax payer! Thanks Gov Arnie!

Rahm said...

US to spend $200 mn a day on Obama's Mumbai visit
The US would be spending a whopping $200 million (Rs 900 crore approx) per day on President Barack Obama's visit to the city. "The huge amount of around $200 million would be spent on security, stay and other aspects of the Presidential visit," a top official of the Maharashtra Government privy to....

Anonymous said...

"It is a globalized economy of our own doing for
the past 20-30 years. We encouraged all of this, but it is coming back
to haunt us. To the extent that Chinese labor, Vietnamese labor,
Brazilian labor, Mexican labor, wherever it is coming from that that
labor is out competing us and holding down our economy," he said.
Fed easing may mean 20 percent dollar drop: Gross | Reuters

KooKoo Kathleen said...

There are black people in Detroit and they scare me.

Anonymous said...

Republican Gov. Schwarzenegger terminates welfare credit/debit cards, democratic legislature approved uses, from being used at; Pot Clubs, Tatoo Parlors, Cruise Ships, Bingo Halls, Casinos, Massage Parlor.

Well, there goes Pacifica's business continuity plan!

Kathy Meeh said...

Anon 11:15am, you must mean this article from Reuters: US dollar weaker, Euro stronger. I don't see your quote reference in that text.

Financial currency adjustments occur periodically. Under current conditions these help off-set recessionary conditions.

In that article here's a quote under "Euro Zone Focus for 2011": "Worries about severe euro zone debt problems in countries on the periphery of the euro zone -- which pushed the euro below $1.20 in June -- have not troubled the single currency recently and are not expected to until next year. RBC currency strategist Adam Cole said peripheral euro zone problems would need to spread beyond smaller countries such as Greece, Portugal and Ireland to a larger country such as Spain before they started to drive the euro lower once more."

Monetary systems adjust to economic conditions and country to country (including the Euro countries), that's a fact.

What is worrisome is your quote doesn't match this article, and may not match any Reuters business articles. In that absence its possible that you are quoting from some biased right-wing blog, that emphasizes "them" against us by country and race.

Kathy Meeh said...

Rahm 11:10am, thanks for the view of Air Force inside, and President Obama's trip to India. Other than whatever other world business he is there to conduct, his trip representing the USA is good for India/USA relations.

Videos from your NDTV source Air Force One. And, Mumbai getting ready for President Obama.

Anonymous said...

Remember: U.S. National Debt: $13,671,159,900 (+) - Debt Per Citizen: $44,013 (+) - Debt Per Tax Payer: $124,059 (+) - A Liberal Wave of Concession Speeches: F*cking Priceless.

Koo Koo Kathleen said...

Commie Loonie Toons are freaking out. I fucking love it!!! Die all you pieces of shit.

Anonymous said...

Convicted By Their Own Words — Vote Them Out!
Liberals in Congress have arrogantly defied the will of the people, trashing the constitution by forcing Americans to buy health care insurance or face fines and/or imprisonment, proposing cap and tax legislation which will further cripple our economy, trying to get backdoor amnesty for illegal aliens. Watch What They Do, Not What They Say. But in this case, listen to what this fucking nutjob liberal says. They are no longer hiding their true communist agenda.

Unknown said...

How about the President just stays home and tries to figure out how to fix our economy? No trip is worth $2M a day.

Anonymous said...


Colbert/Stewart Sanity Rally

Anonymoose said...

They must have left the gates open at the insane asylum. How else to explain the person with the Soros obsession?

Kathy Meeh said...

Anon 10:45AM, Thomas Paine, 1737-1809, (known to Europeans as a "radical propagandist") is almost irrelevant to any current USA government commentary. There was no USA or constitution until 1787, no bill of rights ratified until 1791. Medicine was herbs, bloodletting, leaches, no anesthesia administrated by "folks".

In 1770 the 13 colonies population was 2 million people, the current United States population is 305 million, 240 years later. And rather than 13 colonies, the United States includes 50 states, plus 7 territories.

Its a different world. A lot has happened in history and the world since 1770. Here's a few simplistic reminders: then, no cars, no airplanes, no telephone, no organized postal service, no gas or electric, no internet, no bombs that could blow-up the world, children were employed, worker rights didn't exist, women didn't vote, slavery existed, Native American lands were being taken-over by Europeans, few other than rich people were educated. Lifespan average then was about age 35 (?), now age 77.6.

Human knowledge may double every 10-15 years, consider taking advantage of that likelihood. Some of you are not keeping-up-- and going back to 1770, puts you way behind.

Anonymous said...

The Right have nothing to offer but fear and in order to help peddle their vituperative phobias, they need boogeymen to help focus attention.

Keep the foaming-at-the-mouth troops perpetually line by keeping them distracted with a straw man enemy.

It's straight out of Huxley's 1984, not that anyone from the Right would actually know that seeing as they're barely able to mash their mice to cut-n-paste the latest fever-dreams from Free Republic, let alone read a *gasp* BOOK!

Kathy Meeh said...

Anonymous 12:24PM. There was surplus under President Clinton. That changed with the conservative administration, along with a bunch of unqualified people put in key government positions and regulation deficiencies. They did a heck of a job. And the parody the parody.

Sigmund said...

This stream is proof that Pacifica deserves what Pacifica gets. Are you all insane!

Unknown said...

Jimmy! Look at what you started with asking people to vote!

Scotty said...

"It's straight out of Huxley's 1984..."

I get tired of the wingnuts on parade too, but something about "people in glass houses" comes to mind.

Kathy Meeh said...

Sigmund, the scrap on this one has to do with national politics, the Tea Party dropped-in, they're serving "tea". Nothing to do with local issues.

Anonymous said...

Aldous Huxley wrote "Brave New World", where everyone was happy and high.

George Orwell wrote "1984", where everyone was miserable, paranoid, and in constant fear.

Larry the Lounge Lizard said...

So who wrote "Lord of the Flys" because that's the craziness of this stream.

Anonymous said...

"Lord of the Flies" was written by William Golding. I don't think it is that bad (unless people don't get their authors correct)

Anonymous said...


The Commies are losing!!!!!!

Except in California.

Anonymous said...

Time to impeach the bastard child.

Anonymous said...

Great Political Videos of this Election Cycle

Ding Dong the Wickedest Witch of the West is Dead


Anonymous said...

send the kenyan back to hawaii

Koo Koo Kathleen said...

Doz blacks in Michigan done gone and voted for a Republican Governor.

Detroit, here weez a comin!

Paul said...

I heard San Fran Nan the New Catholic Pope has been fired, any truth to that?

Kathy Meeh said...

Vote tracker, Currently only the vote by mail results are in (4 pages): Race Tracker 11/2/10.

Anonymous said...

Osama bin laden hussein Obama's old senate seat was lost by the demorats and won by a REPUBLICAN! HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!

Anonymous said...

This is the most frightening set of comments I have ever seen in Pacifica. We tend to be crazy, politically active and hardheaded, but Anon @10:50 you probably also believe that the democrats caused the deficit and that Obama is Satan. The world is a bit whacked watching the nutty pack of lies reported on Fox news! You are what is wrong with this country!

sold out said...

How about the President just stays home and tries to figure out how to fix our economy? No trip is worth $2M a day.

I concur with what Lois said. We have too many problems here to be jet setting all around the world.

Both sides (Rep's & Demo's) equally and unequivocally have failed terribly!

Anonymous said...

Before the internet, these nutjobs were limited to scribbling with crayons. Technology may be the great democratizer, but being able to push buttons doesn't trump the ability to reason.

The Billionaires Lost, The Little People Won said...

On the other hand, the very spending of money for leftist causes enhances a mercenary culture that is short-term oriented, based on mutual resentment and envy in those who have no purpose for their life except to be fed and cared for by others. Either way, the Billionaires’ Crusade is a huge waste of money, and it is doomed to failure.


Sinking California said...

is amazing that people who think we cannot afford to pay for doctors,
hospitals, and medication somehow think that we can afford to pay for
doctors, hospitals, medication and a government bureaucracy to
administer it." ~ Thomas Sowell ~

Not leaving yet said...

going to make this simple: The people who voted for the jackass who
gave us Public Employee Unfunded Union Pensions is back to finish
wrecking our State. The man responsible for the stupidity that has
dominated Sacramento for 3 decades is back in power. What the HELL are
...you idiots thinking? Brain Dead?

HaHaHa! said...

Faux news reports that just moments after her loss, former House Speaker Nancy P...elosi was reportedly discovered hysterical & wild eyed hiding behind a mop bucket in the back of a janitors closet at the U.S. House Of Representatives, desperately clutching the Speakers gavel.

Stunned witnesses report that upon being discovered, former Speaker Pelosi burst from the janitors closet screeching,"Theys founds us, Precious! They'll takes you aways from Nancy, Precious! We can't haves that, Precious! Nos we can't!", at which point wild life conservationist Jack Hanna, who happened to conveniently be in the area attending a wild life preserve fund raising ceremony, overheard former Speaker Pelosis' rant, tranquilized the former House Speaker, dropping her like a bad habit.

Afterward, she was then loaded up into the back of an unmarked SUV (believed to belong to former Vice President Al Gore), & taken off to an undisclosed location for treatment & psychiatric observation. House Security Officials did report however that prior to her being hauled off, they had managed to pry the Speakers gavel from her rigor-mortis like white knuckled grip & retrieve it back into their possession. Last report: padded cell & straight jacket mumbling obsessively, ''bye bye jumbo jet''

Stay tuned to FAUX News for unfolding developments of this story as they occur. Now back to the 2010, mid-term Democratic s l a u g h t e r..See More
Self made pictures to reflect my feelings about our crooked government.
By: Kirk Evans

Obama killed the democratic party said...

They didn't like this post much on the Coffee Party site. Lol
by Patty Bride

Obama killed the democrat party for the next ten years. First we have the fact that Obama and the democrats tried everything this election but still 60 seats were picked up by republicans (and we're still counting). Then they are picking up at least 7, likely 8 in the senate once all is counted and democrats were in danger in several other states even when challenged by weak candidates like Angle.

Second in 2012 the Senate is going to have 33 seats up for grabs. Only 10 of those are republicans and those are in conservative districts so they are not likely to lose any. The democrats will have 23 seats up, some of which are in conservative districts which means they are likely to switch back to Republican. The Republicans will retake the Senate in 2012.

After that you have the fact that the census was conducted this year. Several liberal states are losing seats while conservative states are gaining seats next year including Texas gaining four. This shift in numbers looks to be a likely gain of 8 to 10 seats for republicans.

Finally you have the fact that as of current count you have 28 republican governors to 16 democrat governors plus republicans making major gains in the state legislators. This means they will have control of drawing the redistricting lines that will happen next year. Estimates put this giving republicans a 20 seat advantage in the house. Both this last two issues last for 10 years. Congrats! Barack Obama has destroyed the democrat party and the liberal movement for the next 10 years... Tried to warn you!

Kathy Meeh said...

Who is Patty Bride, and what source does this come from? And if you are a Pacifican, understanding this city is near bankruptcy and it takes a 3 city council member majority to change the direction of this city-- why did you not involve yourself at the local level to elect 3 viable candidates?

Big Democrat and sanity win in California.

At the national level the Republicans will vote in and continue the big tax breaks for the 2% rich (about 700 billion dollars annually)-- those are the guys you are supporting.

National level big win for Republicans. Meet the new House of Representative Majority leader John Boehner. Fortunately Republicans do not control the Senate. And a few of the Tea Party "tin hat" candidates didn't win.

Anonymous said...

Spin it, but you did not WIN IT!

Kathy Meeh said...

Who is Patty Bride, and what source does this come from? There is no spin in what I said, in fact what I said was mild.

Your Tea Party movement is financed by the very rich, and you will be part of the effort to support and vote-in continuation of tax breaks for the top 2%. That's the beginning. It will be interesting to see where this goes.

Anonymous said...

I find it ironic how liberals always use the argument that repubs only want to give huge tax breaks to the large corp. Yet Obama and his crooks just allowed GM to get away scott free on paying 28 billion dollars in taxes. I guess its okay when your corporation is taken over by the feds then its okay to get tax breaks in liberals minds.

Anonymous said...

Hey Anonymous @ 3:37pm,

You're in a great position to answer this question:

Why is it that the farther right a person's political views get, the worse his grammar becomes?

Helmut Head said...

Hey Anon at 4:13pm

we, the people on the right , may not have the best grammer, but I bet we have more money than you. HaHaHa! Also, we are very astute with a strong sense of smell and I can smell you from here. Go take a bath. You are stinking up the place.

Anonymoose said...

"...we, the people on the right , may not have the best grammer, but I bet we have more money than you."

...and fewer teeth.