Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Jim Wagners Letter to the Editor


There was a show in the 60’s called “Rocky and Bullwinkle”. The show had lots of odd and entertaining snippets. One of my favorites was Fractured Fairy Tales. An odd skit where common fairy tales are twisted to make a point about modern day news stories. 

I enjoyed one of those episodes last week. Not on the TV show, in our own Trib. Nancy Hall’s fractured fairy tale letter wandered all over trying to make some point that escaped me. She proceeded to fracture the history of her failed bio-diesel refinery. In fact, this was a compound fractured fairy tale. Why is it that every time you post a letter here you seem to lose touch with the reality of history and proceed to make up wild tales that are never really all true.

Bio-diesel truth: the city contracts with an unknown, untested company from Washington State to build a “state of the art” bio-diesel plant based on the due diligence and influence of Ms Hall. The company violates state law, skips town to avoid fines, then the city picks up the tab and is out over $100,000. In addition, the State Air Resource Board kicked in $100,000, or more, to fund this ill-fated experiment. We taxpayers get double-dipped. All this because Nancy had a vision while riding on Neil Young’s fun bus. 

She then jumps on the Chamber of Commerce for not doing anything to promote local business. Well, fellow self-confessed staunch enviro, Julie Lancelle was council liaison to that chamber for many years. During that time, council happy talked about Palmetto Ave, a state of the art 21st century library, beach parking revenue, and what did it accomplish? Zero!

Nancy, you make good music, write good songs. Stick with what you’re good at.

Jim Wagner
Submitted by Jim Alex


jim alex said...

Boris Badenov=Vreeland

Natasha=Nancy Hall

Goof gas would have spread all over town if these two built that bio diesel plant.

neil said...

Southern man don't you need around, anyhow Wagner.

Poetry in Motion said...

Poor little Nancy, She can sing a song well. But ask her to build something , did not go so well. What will she do, when the well is dry? She will go on wailin , until the moon starts to cry.

Anonymous said...

It the same 'ol song from the from the petulant "fixers" like Wagner and Alex - no opinions allowed but theirs, everyone else told to shut-up. This used to be called demagoguery, and it's worst, fascism.

todd bray said...

Spanky, get over it already!!

Scotty said...

"no opinions allowed but theirs, everyone else told to shut-up"

Yes, too bad they can't engage in a higher level of discourse -- like calling people "fascists". NIMBYs need to grow up.

Anonymous said...


All I hear from you is waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

Mark Rubio said...

Funny how Hall whines about the bad guys and gets called on it, then forest fairys rush to her rescue. So, let's see, she can have an opinion and call people names then when there is a response, people that don't agree are facists. Classic. Why don't you Nancy protectors address the issue. I suppose the bio-diesel project was a resounding success. Wagner is right, fractured fairy tales.

Anonymous said...

Funny thing is Scotty, the NIMBY are fascists in this city.

Scotty said...

"...everyone else told to shut-up..."

Looks like the NIMBYs beat down their mouthpiece Maybury and made him pull down the article that dared to suggest that enviro heroine April Vargas was stooping to politics-as-usual BS.

And they dare to call others fascists. Har.

Anonymous said...

Funny you-tubes Jim Alex, and that congress must be the one from the Tea Party.

Jim Alex said...

In probably one of the all around nastiest elections I have ever seen I thought a little humor was warranted.

If anyone doesn't like it boo-hoo.

If you people don't like it tough *hit.

Frank Vella said...

Be glad to post a copy of my response to Nancy Hall's demonizing anyone who was against her and Vreeland's pet project "biodiesel" plant. Once this project went through the city council, (with no environmental study) and went through the Coastal Commission I then stated I would just sit back and watch them implode upon themselves, which they did. Yep, all you who are critical of anyone who speaks out against the NIMBYs ideas, you can dish it out but can't take it! Especially when you are absolutely, positively wrong. Do the right thing for Pacifica, not for your own interest! Oh, I love those who have to post anonymously that shows character.

Many people just Never listen:
Last week’s LTE by Nancy Hall and Julie Lancelle are examples of what Pacifcan’s have been dealing with for all too long. Everyone is for environmental protection Julie, especially the business community, yet too many want projects and programs without applying reason and facts. Our lack of actually encouraging business here in Pacifica has been a major problem for our city’s lack of revenue. Too much emphasis has been placed on projects that attract little or no revenue which results in not funding well deserved social and environmental programs. The state and the federal government can no longer be relied upon. Nancy Hall’s pet project, the Bio Diesel plant was pushed by her and members of the current council intensely. My objection to the project was not safety issues as others were concerned about, it was that the waste water treatment plant has not run properly since it was built and has its own problems that need to be address before we should start incorporating a refinery on top of this plant. The treatment plant prior to the approval of the project by the Coastal Commission had a 7.5 million gallon spill which resulted in a lawsuit against the city. This is the same “spill” that closed the beaches and where two of our city council members claimed that it was being closed due to “tar balls”. The company behind the plant, Whole Energy Fuels, had NEVER built any plant what so ever. The project was also stopped by state officials when it was found Whole Energy Fuels corps had dug a 12 foot deep pit without any permits to do so. Funds, grants and promises that were made for the project were also lost by the ineptitude, lack of experience and ignorance of the project promoters. I am still not clear if Nancy was a representative of the company, an employee, or a “concerned” citizen. She seemed to flip/flop on that many times. Again, an example of a lack of knowledge that we get from many in the community and on our council who just don’t get it. That seems to happen often when people are using other people’s money for their own vision of how things should be. Nancy and maybe our council members who pushed for this project could point out to all of us the costs so far with this project and what “revenue” resulted from it? I’ll give you all one; the tax revenue from the cleanup crew at the biodiesel plant buying sandwiches locally, probably about $1.00. Yet they probably brought them from over the hill!

Anonymous said...

clap clap clap. well said Vella.