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Chlormine in drinking water next topic at Pacifica Democrats' meeting

Pacifica Tribune
San Jose Mercury News (California)
November 9, 2010

Just how safe the drinking water in Pacifica is, by the chlorimination of our water supply, will be the main topic of discussion when Linda Corwin visits the Pacifica Democrats' Nov. 20th breakfast meeting, being held in the banquet room of the Sharp Park Golf Course Restaurant (Francisco and Sharp Park Blvds in Pacifica). Corwin is the Vice President of the Citizens Concerned About Chloramine, a grassroots organization that was formed by people who were sickened after chloramine was introduced to the San Francisco Peninsula in 2004.

On Feb. 2, 2004, the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission changed the disinfectant for the water system from chlorine to chloramine, which is a combination of chlorine and ammonia.

According to an article, published in the July 27, 2005 Pacifica Tribune by Violet Gotelli, former NCCWD Water Board Director, there was no opportunity for either input or dissent from the water districts that would be affected by this change.

Consequently, according to the Gotelli article there were several ramifications from adding chloramine to the water supply, including, but not limited to, the following: 1) Hospitals, at the cost of tens of thousands of dollars, had to replace all kidney dialysis filtration systems. 2) Cases of adverse health effects attributed to chloramine, such as severe skin problems, respiratory problems and digestive disorders, were reported. 3) Chloramine reportedly killed fish, amphibians and reptiles. Many residents lost their aquatic pets. 4) People with suppressed immune systems were asked by the World Health Organization to boil their drinking water for over 10 minutes if there was chloramine in their water system. 5) Chloramine was found to be corrosive to lead and copper pipes, and rubber plumbing parts. 6) Since chloramine is very persistent in water, it is almost impossible to remove or filter out, putting those sensitive to chloramine at risk.

In the July 27, 2005 article, Gotelli reported that there had been no studies done on the health effects from chloramine itself, no dermal or inhalant studies done by the Environmental Protection Agency, the World Health Organization or by any other agency at that time.

On Nov. 20, 2010, Corwin will speak on the up-to-date knowledge and actions concerning the use of chloramine in our water supply and invites all Pacificans to come, listen and learn. It is neither necessary to be a club member nor a Democrat to attend this meeting.

The general public is invited to all Pacifica Democrats meetings.

A full breakfast is available for $12; continental for $6; coffee for $3. Doors open at 9 a.m. Attendees are requested to arrive between 9:00 a.m. and 9:30 a.m., so that all guests may be seated by 9:30 a.m.

The meeting runs from 9:30 to 11:30 a.m. RSVPs, though not required, are greatly appreciated.

For further information, please contact Barbara Arietta, club president, at 415-246-0775 or email: .

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