Saturday, November 13, 2010

Local REALTOR Attacked by Vicious Skunk

It comes to my attention that a Pacifica, realtor was attacked by a skunk today.  Bill Haskins, was showing a home to some clients and was surprised in the garage.

San Mateo County animal control quickly arrived on the scene and captured the skunk. Both Bill, and the skunk where tested for rabies and it won't be known till late next week which one had rabies.

Submitted by Jim "Skunky-J" Alex

Follow-up blogmaster's note - Received the following from Bill Haskins, who informed us that the above account isn't quite accurate: "While John the Barber (Jim's dad) was cutting my hair I was telling his father about an incident that happened to me while showing a home for sale in Fairmont on Monday. I opened a door to a storage area under the stairs of a vacant house and right there in front of my eyes was a skunk. The buyers freaked out. I closed the door and headed out of the house through the garage. The skunk didn't spray us. I went in the following morning and blocked off the area it was entering with some bricks."

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