Friday, November 12, 2010

Veterans Day 11/11/2010 - honoring those who have served in our military

Classic editorial tribute, University flag raising ceremony, and newspaper pictures

From Pittsburgh Tribune.  "...a reprint of a very special Tribune editorial. Today should remind all Americans that we owe a debt too profound for mere dollars to repay -- our debt of gratitude for the sacrifices made by those in our nation's military. We certainly owe our veterans sustained focus on their needs, not just the one-day spotlight that shines on the Nov. 11 speeches, ceremonies and parades they so richly deserve. Thus, Veterans Day challenges us all to take action that translates solemn rhetoric about America's sacred obligations to all who wear its uniform into something more than just words. Whatever form that action takes, it must be inspired by humble thankfulness for our veterans' astonishing courage and selflessness. We must tell them how grateful we are to them, volunteer time and give money to help them, ensure the best possible care for our wounded warriors, comfort those whose loved ones made the ultimate sacrifice and reach out to those serving now -- the veterans of tomorrow. Our veterans exemplify what's best about America. So, too, must our caring and concern for them. It is the only currency with which we can repay that debt of gratitude owed to all who've put their lives on the line for our sake."
Veteran challenges returning to higher education, University of Massachusetts Chancellor Marty Meehan, flag raising ceremony. Video (5.40 minutes).

Pictures from
San Francisco Chronicle (SF Gate), and Seattle Times. 

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