Sunday, June 20, 2010

Wavelength going to the dogs

On Monday, June 21st, at 6:30 PM on PCT 26, Ian Butler's Wavelength will be going to the dogs. Beverly Kingsbury, president of POOCH, August Murphy, head of PB&R, and Dyer Crouch from the Pacifica Shorebird Alliance discuss how to best balance the needs of dogs, people and birds. It is the last new show before the summer break so check it out!

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Submitted by Ian Butler


Kathy Meeh said...

This was another good Wavelength program conversation, thanks Ian. It takes a lot of time, energy and cooperation from all concern to put these forums together. Now Wavelength is away for the Summer and hopefully we will see some re-runs.

For those interested there will be a Parks, Beaches and Recreation meeting Wednesday, June 30th, 7pm, at city council chambers. Recommendations forth coming to city council are expected to include:
1. The proposed dog part in back of Sanchez Artist Center.
2. Co-existence of on-leash dogs, humans and Snowy Plowers at Linda Mar Beach.

Funny picture, Steve.

ian butler said...

Thanks Kathy for the positive feedback. Wavelength will continue to air at 6:30 on Mondays throughout the summer, showing reruns until we start taping new shows in September, just in time for election season.

Kathy Meeh said...

Very cool, Ian. I've become a fan of yours for you taking these programs, which are generally of an "in the local news", timely nature. Plus you have a really nice manner in handling these panel discussions.

Correction to the PB&R meeting Wednesday, June 30th. Today I received an e-mail that the dog park environmental report review and recommendation has been delayed until mid-July.

Co-existence with on-leash dogs, humans and Snowy Plowers at Linda Mar Beach will be the consideration next Wednesday, June 30th.