Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Election Primary Results

From   CA Election Results Secretary of State  and  San Mateo County and District Contests

Sorry Warren Morrison, your candidate did not win. 

Statewide- Partisan

Governor run-off - Edmund "Jerry" Brown (D), and Meg Whitman (R)
Lieutenant Governor - Gavin Newsom (D), and Abel Maldonado (R)
Secretary of State - Debra Bowen (D), and Damon Dunn (R)
Controller - John Chiang (D), Tony Strickland (D)
Treasurer - Bill Lockyer (D), Mimi Walters (R)
Attorney General - Kamala D. Harris (D), and Steve Cooley (R)
Insurance Commissioner - Dave Jones (D), Brian Fitzgerald (R)
US Senator - Barbara Boxer (D), and Carly Fiorina (R)
Board of Equalization, District 1 - Betty T. Yee (D), Kevin R. Scott (R)
Statewide - Non-Partisan
Superintendent of Public Instruction (non-partisan)   - Larry Aceves

Proposition Title Yes
% No
Yes 13 Property Taxes and Seismic Retrofit of Buildings 3,200,194 84.5% 588,582 15.5%
Yes 14 Primary Election Participation 2,077,100 54.2% 1,761,410 45.8%
No 15 California Fair Elections Act 1,593,698 42.5% 2,147,745 57.5%
No 16 Local Electricity Providers 1,830,278 47.5% 2,015,297 52.5%
No 17 Auto Insurance Pricing 1,848,768 47.9% 2,004,410 52.1%

Local County District contests - Partisan
US Congressional District 12 - Jackie Speier (D), Mike Moloney (R)
State Senator District 8 - Leland Yee (D), Doo Sup Park (R)
State Assembly, District 19 - Jerry Hill (D), Alberto Waisman (R)
County Contests - Non-Partisan
Superintendent of Schools - Anne Campbell
Supervisor District 2 - Carol Groom
Supervisor, District 3 - Don Horsley
Assessor-County Clerk Recorder - Mark Church
Controller - Tom Huening
Coroner - Robert J. Foucrault 
District Attorney - Steven Wagstaffe
Sheriff - Greg Munks
Treasurer-Tax Collector - Sandie Arnott

Posted by Kathy Meeh


Steve Sinai said...

A massive 22.6% turnout in San Mateo County. I thought the Coroner's race would bring out more people.

There will be November runoffs between Horsley and Vargas for 3rd District County Supervisor, and Arnott and Mandelkern for Treasurer.

Warren Morrison said...

My candidate did win. Dave Mandelkern got the second highest number of votes, after being the last to enter the race. With 4 candidates, a runoff was predictable. The smart-qualified vote was split between 3 candidates, Mandelkern, Guilbault and Galligan.

In November, Mandelkern has the endorsement of the other two qualified candidates, the Democratic party, 3 supervisors, Jerry Hill, SEIU, nurses, teachers, the labor party and every smart voter in San Mateo County.

I predict that Dave Mandelkern will win with well over 60% of the vote and he will become the best County Treasurer in California.

Has anyone asked the question; Why is the Union, SEIU and the Supervisors Sandie Arnott works with not supporting her?

Kathy Meeh said...