Thursday, June 17, 2010

This may be old news to fix...

but if not it would be a good talking point and a reason to attend the meeting

It seems that the usual "no nothing, never here" proponents are teeing up to make sure Pacifica gets what we always get, NOTHING! In my opinion, we don't need a massive freeway for a mile or so, but we need that stretched fixed. If ever there were a time to check in on this subject it will be at the meeting on the 22nd.

Jim Wagner

June 15, 2010

Opinion—Dear SMCTA: To Forgive Is Divine

When it comes to stopping the Highway 1 widening project (construction of a six-lane road between Vallemar and Rockaway), only one option is left: Three City Council members need to vote NO and send a letter to the San Mateo County Transportation Authority (SMCTA) informing it that the city no longer sponsors this project. But there is a catch, a $1.3 million catch.

In an earlier contract between Pacifica and SMCTA, an agreement was made that gave the city control over the design of the project, and SMCTA fronted the money, stipulating that the money would be repaid if the project were never built. This $1.3 million repayment has been cited as the main hurdle for council not to vote down this project, which begs the question, "Why not ask the SMCTA board to alter the contract to forgive the repayment?"

This coming Tuesday, June 22, SMCTA hosts an informational meeting at the Beach Boulevard building that normally houses our council meetings in Sharp Park. If, like me, you want this project to go away once and for all, you could show up and say, "Hey, SMCTA, forgive the repayment and vote NO on the widening project and end this craziness once and for all." One way or another, my litmus test this November for council candidates will be this single issue. It's way past time to end this nonsense.




Steve Sinai said...

Pete DeJarnatt promised to "improve our streets and Highway 1 for safety and to relieve traffic congestion" in his last campaign.

Of course, he also said we have $7.2 million surplus, which suddenly disappeared the day after the election.

Jeffrey W Simons said...

I seem to recall Jim Vreeland and Julie Lancelle were also vocal advocates of improving Highway 1 after their re-elections in 2006.

sneaky pete said...

We also have $7.5 Million dollars in the Bank and I promise you a dog park!

sneaky Pete said...

We also have $7.5 million in the bank and I promise a dog park. Bow wow

Kathy Meeh said...

What time on Tuesday, 6/22 is this Transportation meeting held at City Council Chambers on Beach Blvd?

Wagner said...

The State Clearinghouse and Planning Unit (SCH) within the Governor's Office of Planning and Research coordinates the state-level review of environmental documents pursuant to the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA), provides technical assistance on land use planning and CEQA matters, and coordinates state review of certain federal grant applications. OPR often acts as a liaison between state and local governments and between various state agencies to encourage collaboration in the achievement of land use goals and objectives.

see CEQAnet Database at

left hand column:


· CEQAnet Database

· Hit button for all dates and pacifica.

This is the project


Caltrans #4
Highway 1/Calera Parkway Widening Project

SCH Number: 2010022042

Document Type: NOP - Notice of Preparation

Project Lead Agency: Caltrans #4


Project Description

NOTE: Reference SCH# 2000082010 The project proposes to widen this segment of SR 1 from four lanes to six lanes (three lanes in each travel direction). The project also proposes improvements at two intersections located within the project area, one at the north end of the site (SR 1 and Reina Del Mar Avenue) and one at the south end of the site (SR 1 and Fassler Avenue/Rockaway Beach Avenue) including additional lane capacity and signal timing improvements. It is anticipated that the proposed project would require acquisition of right-of-way and/or temporary easements from parcels on both sides of SR 1.


Contact Information

Primary Contact:
Joseph Hurley
California Department of Transportation, District 4
650 508-7942
c/o SMCTA 1250 San Carlos Avenue
San Carlos, CA 94070


Project Location

County: San Mateo
City: Pacifica
Cross Streets: Fassler Avenue/Rockaway Beach Avenue and Reina Del Mar Avenue
Parcel No:
Other Location Info:


Proximity To

Highways: SR 1
Waterways: Pacific Ocean, Calera Creek
Schools: Vallemar, Cabrillo
Land Use:


Development Type

Transportation: Other


Local Action

Other Action


Project Issues

Aesthetic/Visual, Air Quality, Archaeologic-Historic, Biological Resources, Coastal Zone, Drainage/Absorption, Flood Plain/Flooding, Geologic/Seismic, Minerals, Noise, Public Services, Recreation/Parks, Sewer Capacity, Soil Erosion/Compaction/Grading, Toxic/Hazardous, Traffic/Circulation, Vegetation, Water Quality, Water Supply, Growth Inducing, Landuse, Cumulative Effects


Reviewing Agencies (Agencies in Bold Type submitted comment letters to the State Clearinghouse)

Resources Agency; California Coastal Commission; Department of Parks and Recreation; Department of Water Resources; Department of Fish and Game, Region 3; Native American Heritage Commission; State Lands Commission; California Highway Patrol; Department of Toxic Substances Control; Regional Water Quality Control Board, Region 2


Date Received: 2/16/2010 Start of Review: 2/16/2010

Jeffrey W Simons said...

isn't Vreeland the city's appointed liaison to the SMCTA? Maybe he went to as many of those meetings as he does City Council . . . seems like the guy enjoys dipping his toes in the pool but is afraid to swim, lest he cause any ripples . . .

todd bray said...

@ Spanky, Drama and Marvin the Martian... What if there was an alternative that redirected traffic crossing Route One during peak hours so there were no left turns shortening the red light north and south bound while increasing the green? Would that not "fix" the problem?

Come on Spanky, I know there is at least one brain cell left in that vacuously empty head of yours.

Laurie Frater said...

What you're suggesting, Todd, is that anyone from north of Vallemar taking their kid(s) to Terra Nova would need to go via Linda Mar Blvd (moving the problem to that left turn, instead?), or to Vallemar by going to Crespi or Linda Mar and turning(?) to go north from there?
Or if they're going to Vallemar from the south, to get home by going north on Highway 1 out of Reina Del Mar (if they can get into the traffic flow), looping around the Sharp Park exit and going south again from there? You must be joking!!

You're right about the need to eliminate the cross-traffic, though, and grade separation of the through and local traffic is the only real, long-term way to resolve that.

Jeffrey W Simons said...


I say this with all due respect . . . if I died tomorrow I'd be content that at least one of my accomplishments in life was helping to get you off the Planning Commission.

Wrong Way Corrigan said...


If there were ever a project of any significance in The Quarry (in spite of your zealous efforts to block it) how would your "solution" comport with the significant cross traffic that would be introduced? My guess is that you would use it against any proposed project.

Kathy Meeh said...

"Wagner", what the "H", The question I asked with regard to the Transportation meeting was: what time? Oh, here it is as an ad on page 4A of the hard copy Tribune: 6PM.

Other than that, thanks.

Wrong Way Corrigan said...


Of course what I was describing in my previous post would imply that you have "chess player" like intelligence and thus can think several moves ahead. Nevermind...

Wrong Way Corrigan said...

BTW, Toad:

Your suggestion about us getting down on our hands and knees and begging the SMCTA to take pity on us and forgive the $1.3 mil. debt kinda reminds me of Albert Brooks in "Lost in America" begging the casino boss to give him back his nest egg that his wife just gambled away: "Could you maybe refund our money? Imagine the PR - the casino that cares."

todd bray said...

Laurie, just at the Vallamar intersection. The cross traffic green light is very long and parents often turn into the quarry to utilize it for the morning drop off at Vallamar. By allowing only straight or right hand turns the light could be shortened and those seconds/minutes could be given instead to north traveling commuters in the am.

Vallamar parents still get to utilize the quarry as an alternative route.

planning commission said...

That was a hoot when we kicked that no good hillbilly pedophile Todd Bray off the planning commission.

What a discrace that fat lump of crap is to the city.

fat bastard todd bray said...

Honestly who gives a shit what that fat piece of crap Todd Bray says.

What a disscrace that hillbilly is to the city.

Scotty said...

I agree with Jeff (mostly) and think the views of Todd and his ilk are the root cause of the majority of the financial woes of this city. However, even though the two of you couldn't be further apart in your opinions, you share an uncanny and identical ability to drive the level of discourse to a third-grade level almost instantaneously. Toss in the wannabe-comedian tea bagger with an infantile sense of humor and waaaaaay too much time on his hands, and this blog becomes so childish that it's almost unreadable.

It's still better than Maybury's editorializing, though.

Jeffrey W Simons said...

Sorry Scotty, I gave into a monetary lapse of self-righteous bullsh*t.

I wonder if there is a better way to say, in my qualified opinion, Pacifica would be better off if the city was cautious in following the advice of people who completely devastated the local economy with their fiscally irresponsible ideology?

Another day in paradise said...

I agree with Scotty. If Bray ventures over here to the "dark side" we should give him the respect that people who are totally whacked out in their vision of what sustains a citys viability deserve. Especially if they actually present a solution. Unlike the merry tree fairies that dance around saying no to everything and offering not even a misguided solution to a problem that they themselves have created.

Steve Sinai said...

It would be nice if Todd, Ian, et. al., could post here without being personally attacked. I disagree with the hippies on lots of things, but in may ways, I respect them much more than some of those whom, on matters of city policy, I tend to agree with.

Anonymous said...

To the blog editors: you have allowed a post in which a person is referred to as a pedophile. To what point do you have to sink in order to moderate these posts? Ok, I'l start the bidding: Jeffrey W. Simons is a child molester and convicted rapist.

todd bray said...

To Anonymous, I wouldn't mind so much but this article was posted here without my knowledge, not even a courtesy notification that Steve was posting it.

Scotty said...

Todd, thanks for re-emphasizing that you are just as petulant as the people about whom you complain.

There are no comment editors here, so unfortunately, you get what you get. Some of us find Maybury's highly selective editorial pen just as offensive as the socially retarded people insulting you.

Dr. Fill said...

Toddy Toddy Toddy, thicken thy epidermis. The hysteria they speak of was nothing more than a bunch of bullshit. The dark side knows it, the tree-hugging meadow fairies know it, and you didn't belong on the planning commission anymore than many of your replacements or previous seat-fillers. Ideas are ideas. Everyone of them can be built upon. Some of these will lean left, some right. It's like a male anatomy lesson on genitalia. Some go right, some go left.

Anonymous said...

Scotty and Sinai:

You both take yourselves and this blog WAY too seriously. Lighten up!

Steve Sinai said...

"To what point do you have to sink in order to moderate these posts?"

Pretty low. If these comments were moderated, people would go from bitching about how crude and uncivil the comments were, to bitching about how they were being censored.

Scotty's Biggest fan said...

Scotty, please provide a link to any of your posts where you were either informative or entertaining. Can't? Then STFU!

"There are no comment editors here, so unfortunately, you get what you get." Interesting statement from a guy who did nothing but bitch about Riptide's censorship policy and posts here under a pseudonym...

Scotty, you really must start your own blog. You could call it "Scotty's Wasteland" or "Scotty's Whine Country". You could fill it with all of your mature informative content and humorous quips. Don't worry about having a "Post" button - it will never be used.

Jeffrey W Simons said...

To anonymous with the slanderous comments . . . someone approached me outside the grocery store today to rib me about wearing Texas Longhorn shorts and a Penn State Football t-shirt. We had a nice conversation about the state of college football.

With that said, I have 3 brothers and 3 sisters and grew up with far worse insults on a daily basis than you could ever hurl at me. But if you disrespect Joe Paterno even one iota . . .

Scotty said...

"Please provide a link to any of your posts where you were either informative or entertaining."

Right back at you. Unfortunately, you apparently don't have a life and post juvenile comments constantly, so your signal to noise ratio is exponentially lower.

2 ton Todd Bray said...

Wow, you guys are missing it. Over on Steve's blog "Fix Pacifica.Nag" there is all kinds of fun at my expense. Steve-o, really, man--allowing me to be called a fat bastard pedophile by an anonymous poster?

Posted by: todd bray | June 18, 2010 at 04:30 PM

wwaaaaaaaa Now I am crying on Riptide waaaaaaaaaa

2 ton Todd Bray said...

Wow, you guys are missing it. Over on Steve's blog "Fix Pacifica.Nag" there is all kinds of fun at my expense. Steve-o, really, man--allowing me to be called a fat bastard pedophile by an anonymous poster?

waaaaa Now I am crying on Riptide waaaaaaaaaa

don peebles left nut said...

tod said i hit a woman in a frog suit. when the cops told him he was lying, he went weee weee weee all the way home. then he said some of pacifica's nice young high school students were hookers for supporting me. then he went weeee weeee weeee all the way home. did i tell you toddie got paid by the city to do some artwork when he was a planning commissioner? i wonder what other bad things i can find out about widdle toddy woddy . . . now he will got to riptide and go weee weee weee they is picking on me!!

Anonymous said...

Fix Pacifica can't fix anything. There's a reason why you won't be able to elect new council members. You can't even fix your own blog. Try finding your ass with both hands and see if you can manage that first.

the last person on the L list said...

you guys better be careful or bray will sue you like he sued everyone on the pacifica-l list who didn't agree with him . . .

Scotty Jr. said...

"Unfortunately, you apparently don't have a life and post juvenile comments constantly"

Scotty, would you have my baby?

Pacifica sewer plant said...

Maybe we can tax Todd double for the strain his massive shits put on the sewer plant

Re-Todd said...

Scotty said, "Unfortunately, you apparently don't have a life and post juvenile comments constantly"

Well then, Scotty, if you mean by not having a life that I spend a lot of time on this blog then wouldn't it be hypocritical of you if in fact you were a lurker yourself? Think about it Scotty. Are you a lurker? Are you a hypocrite?

As for the juvenile comments, I blame it on the Pacifica School District. I just don't get dat readin, writin', rithmetic thingy. Hey, weren't you on the Pacifica School Board or something? Blame yourself then for my third grade education.

Anonymous said...

"Fix Pacifica can't fix anything. There's a reason why you won't be able to elect new council members"

As long as Fix Pacifica is dominated by anonymous, personal attacks from Simons and Schlesinger, the above comment will be true.

Kathy Meeh said...

Anonymous, Fix Pacifica is a public blog, an alternative voice to the more controlled style of "not much for Pacifica" Riptide. Only people can Fix Pacifica. City council and their friends cannot and will not Fix Pacifica, that track record is proven.

If you actually understand that Pacifica needs "fixing" then being productive is helpful. Supporting 3 pro-economic candidates, and working to help them win is a positive strategy.

Since you have posted as Anonymous and are confusing issues, while at the same time complaining about Anonymous postings, what is anyone to believe of you have to say? How about elevating the conversation, and posting under your given name?

Anonymous said...

"Since you have posted as Anonymous and are confusing issues, while at the same time complaining about Anonymous postings, what is anyone to believe of you have to say? How about elevating the conversation, and posting under your given name?"


Get your buffoonish heroes to post under their given names before you ask anyone else to do it. Given names are an invitation to personal attacks from Simmons and Schlesinger.

Anonymous said...

"what is anyone to believe of you have to say?"

Oh, and sign up for an ESL class.

Not Anonymous said...

Someone who posts on this blog using his given name is called a pedophile and you want people not to post as Anonymous? Get real.

Sharon said...

I am not posting as Anonymous. I ahve always used my real name and I am relly unhappy with the level of the the posts coming from the various Anonymous'. We are trying to have an adult exchange of ideas here between folks interested in and really concerned about the direction this city is taking. The Anonymous' seem to be more interested in exercising some grudge or trying to stifle the success of this blog. It's really a shame as I know a lot of the folks who comment here, do so in the interest of the future of the our city. Anonymous' please think about the posts you are making and try to be contructive rather than destructive.

Kathy Meeh said...

"Critical thinking" Anonymous, Sharon makes the essential comment, "We are trying to have an adult exchange of ideas here between folks interested in and really concerned about the direction this city is taking."

Some of you who want to beat-up on each other, why not set-up a small group insult e-mail list? Probably faster response on that list and more one-up insults. How much fun can you have?

Yes I make typos, probably need glasses or less distraction, not an ESL class. Also, my fondness for Jeff Simons, Tod Schlesinger and other honorable, intelligent pro-economic people isn't likely to change. Hope you can focus on something more important.

Jeffrey W Simons said...

I tried to call Tod S tonight but he's been out of town. Not sure how he could post anonymously or otherwise, but anyone who knows Tod knows he's never been afraid to put his name behind anything he says. I've been out with my family celebrating our son's graduation most of the day. I don't have the time or inclination to post anonymously, because I'm not ashamed of anything I have to say.

Really seems the M.O. of the no-nothing not-ever group to make baseless accusations with no merit and assume they are true, mostly in an attempt to distract from the facts.

I agree with Sharon, but unfortunately there aren't too many "adults" among the current city council and their supporters, either. Dialogue is a futile endeavor. And it doesn't matter how many facts you present, it just devolves into the same nonsense.

There is really no debate about the condition of the city. I think the closing of Pacifica Lumber and the recent article where Steve Rhodes says pave your own roads if you can afford it are huge tell-tale signs the city is right about where I said it would be if people didn't change the way Pacifica did business.

Cynthia Kaufman's article and Todd Bray's editorial are huge tell-tale signs they just don't understand the need to change the way Pacifica does business. It will get worse before it gets better, and all the name-calling won't stop the reckoning that is coming.

I praise those who have worked diligently and passionately to bring about the changes Pacifica needs to survive. Unfortunately, their efforts are usually met with harsh criticism and knee-jerk condemnation. I don't feel too bad for Todd Bray, who has called some groups "Realtor thugs" and other unpleasantries, and who has had nothing but derision and disdain for the pro-economic development crowd in Pacifica. Ye reap what ye sow, I guess.

Here's the bottom line. Unfortunately, the future of the city is bleak. Minor concessions and moderate change at this point will do nothing. This administration has set the city on the path of complete financial failure, and if you don't believe me sit patiently and wait for the bills to come due. Some of them are coming due, with rising crime due to a bare bones police force that even a former commander is now criticizing in the paper. Property destruction sits and waits for half a day before an officer shows up to file a report, yet the police have time to question Tod Schlesinger at Jim Vreeland's behest anytime Tod antagonizes him.

If you don't think this is a problem, in my humble opinion you don't think PERIOD. The storm has not passed. The city's debt continues to grow, either in pension bonds or deferred maintenance. Standing still and doing nothing sets the city back even more. At this point, I hate to be pessimistic but I honestly do not see either the Quarry or the OWWTP being turned into anything productive until the city becomes unincorporated San Mateo County.

I wish those who are still trying to turn things around the best of luck. You will be reviled, and denigrated, and spit upon by the likes of Todd Bray. Your efforts will be blocked at every turn by the Robin Runneals and the Cynthia Kaufmans and the John Curtises of the community, all patting the back and pulling the strings of your do nothing city council.

Steve Sinai said...

First, I will come out of the closet and admit to being O.J. Mayonnaise.

Second, I was talking to Todd Bray for about 20 minutes Friday, mostly about our differences in regards to Highway 1. Somehow, we manage to get along just fine. If you need to turn everyone who disagrees with you into an enemy to be publicly bad-mouthed, there's something wrong.

Jeffrey W Simons said...


first of all, my wife and I have a wonderful relationship with Tod S and his wife. Should I question your ability to lead because you don't get along with Tod S? No. I have no expectation that you like the same people I like.

There are plenty of people with whom I disagree that I have had a civil relationship. Sue Digre and her family are family friends, and I felt we did a lot of good work with the Pacifica Military Moms. I personally like Julie Lancelle. I've had great conversations with Ron Maykel and Tom Clifford, both of whom I personally like even if we disagree. If you read my criticisms of April Vargas's campaign I qualified my comments by first stating I think she is a very nice person.

So your assertion that we turn everyone who publicly disagrees with us into an "enemy" doesn't hold up to scrutiny. The people I don't respect are the people who have lies and deception at the core of their beliefs, and I see no reason not to call them out over it.

Honestly, this notion that we can all get along and sing kumbayah and the city will get better seems rather naive in light of Pacifica's history. With the people currently in charge, it will never happen, and experience has proven this to be true.

Steve Sinai said...

Jeff, how do cheap shot personal insults advance debate and discussion?

One of the reasons this blog first got started was because Riptide was only giving one side a fair hearing, and Fix Pacifica was supposed to give everyone a voice. Yet if you compare the two blogs, this one is less tolerant of diverse views. Two or three participants on this blog not only drive away those we disagree with by attacking them reflexively and nonstop, but come election season, if we tell undecided Pacifica voters to look at this blog to see what we stand for, they'll also be turned off by what they see as a lack of maturity and levelheadedness.

Jeffrey W Simons said...

I don't see people we disagree with being attacked so much as I see people who are part of the problem and offering no solutions being called out for their lack of honesty and integrity. The anonymous sniping at least goes both ways here and I'd rather have that than the carefully edited propaganda that passes for Mayburry's blog.

Come election season, people either understand the depth of the city's financial problems and will vote for change, or they don't and will vote for the same old same old. The blog is a good and convenient tool, but it is no replacement for good old-fashioned campaigning. I hope we have people handing out fliers and walking door to door on behalf of the fiscally responsible candidates, and I don't think the anonymous pissing matches on this site will be at the front of the minds of most of the voters.

wagner said...

i would suggest going back to the original post, digest what is being said, and turning out tuesday to let the parties know that we want the EIR done, we want options, and we will not tolerate "nothing as usual".

Conservative said...


How do your "cheap shot personal insults (e.g., "far right wing nut") advance debate and discussion?" You have successfully chased away many conservatives who would certainly agree with you, at least in part, with respect to City financial issues.

Your intolerance, arrogance and hypocrisy sets the tone for this entire blog. You reap what you sow.

Kathy Meeh said...

Tea-bagger, follow-up comment for you posted under "SM County Times", 6/19/10 blog article. Send me an email and get active in Pacifica:

Comrade Sinai said...

Conservative, as I'm sure you remember, we had a problem with a couple of obsessives who were coming onto the blog 20-25 times a day, and offering nothing but gratuitous insults directed at anyone who wasn't on the far-right.

If people want to discuss conservative ideas here, they're more than welcome. But if people come onto the blog and and do nothing but insult others, it's inevitable that they're going to be treated in-kind.

As Wagner implied, these insult-fests detract from what's important.

todd bray said...

Spanky, if a similar LOS result could be achieved without a construction project where is the harm? That is the suggestion/question I'm making/asking here.

So many years have been wasted because of this silly project that somehow has prohibited the city, TA and Caltrans from hearing/trying other non funded/non construction alternatives that could have worked at least better than what exists now.

Where is the foul in that?

Markus said...

Todd, your idea of not making significant physical changes, may show positive short term results. However, I believe it is a band aid approach and will not meet our needs for the longer duration, say 10 years and beyond. Another problem I can see is it will virtually negate or at the least significantly reduce the possibility of quarry commercial development. While I have issues with a project which will not eliminate the 2 stop lights causing the back-ups, I do believe we need to make a structural change. Grade separation, as earlier suggested by Laurie, is a much more practical long term solution. Doing nothing or almost nothing is just not adequate for the growing coastal population’s long term needs.

Jeffrey W Simons said...

"Jim, I'm not a lawyer either, but I did some research a few months ago on how much liability blogs had when it came to things like defamation of character. I came across a small number of cases where blogs were sued successfully, but my impression was that occasional, rare insults like "so-and-so is a serial killer" or "child molester" weren't worthy of a court's time.

If someone repeatedly came onto the blog and made a criminal accusation, then I would probably remove the comments. We had a case in the past where someone accused a couple of local realtors of criminal behavior, and when asked for evidence, he wasn't able to provide any. I added a comment right below the original article, saying something like "there's no evidence anything illegal happened," which caused the person who put the post up in the first place to remove the whole thing.

My main problem with the personal insults is that it quashes debate, and it's simply rude.

Posted by: Steve Sinai | June 20, 2010 at 11:19 PM"


why would you lie like this on Riptide? when asked for evidence, I told you very explicitly who possessed the documentation to back up my statements and how to contact that person. I presented facts, which you seemed not to like, so you very conveniently qualified those "facts" with some lame statement that wasn't true at the time and isn't true now. and I'll flat out repeat what I said at the time and still say today: the real estate deals were shady as hell, and they involved a local councilperson, a local Realtor, and a local loan broker. I presented the evidence of quid pro quo and the sketchy dealings that led to Jim Vreeland selling one house to the very loan broker who underwrote the deal so he could purchase his nice million dollar home in Pedro Point, how the loan broker benefited from a zoning variance because of Mister Vreeland's cooperation, and how the real estate agent who double-ended the deal for the house at Pedro Point worked in the building owned by the loan broker. I presented facts for the public to digest and draw their own conclusions . . . you know, its called "journalism". I didn't lie about any financial reports, I didn't make any baseless claims that felt good because I wanted them to be true. Your revisionist history is in your own head.

Jeffrey W Simons said...

What I find fascinating is that Ian Butler can post any of Brent Plater's nonsense about the golf course that has been proven time and time again to be knowingly without merit, but you'll bend over backwards to defend his "opinion". I post something with documents to back up everything I say and you call it a baseless accusation.

In terms of "liability of blogs" I'm not sure to whom you spoke or what "research" you did but the laws of defamation and slander are pretty clear about the elements required to successfully sue for damages, but in most cases an aggrieved party sends a "cease and desist" notice to the website to have the content removed. It is up to the blog editor to decide if that order has merit, and very rarely do damages exceed anything more than removal of content.

The problem with this blog is that it was started by other people and you completely took it over after being asked only for technical assistance, and your willingness to pander to the "hippies" you claim to abhor whilst driving away anyone slightly right of Meghan McCain has shredded most of the credibility of the blog. You demonize Tod Schlesinger just because he has acted like a buffoon at times in public, but you get all incensed when people bring up the subject of Todd Bray's various unethical indiscretions.

The purpose of this blog was to provide the general public with access to content they weren't going to read in the Tribune and would get edited by Maybury on Riptide. It was established as a free blog so it couldn't be co-opted by financial interests like Riptide was by the Center for Biological Diversity. And it is unmoderated to allow people to freely express their opinions. I really don't care if you criticize me, but don't be dishonest about it. Then you fall into the same group that called people "Realtor thugs", or asked about local teenage girls supporting Measure L along Highway 1 and how he could hire them for his next bachelor party. (Todd Bray)

Jeffrey W Simons said...

I should note that in the case of the shady real estate deal, I had ample documentation to back up everything I posted, but you were contacted by Sue Vaterlaus (former SAMCAR president) who merely stated that my information was incorrect and you qualified my comments. She never said WHAT was incorrect or provided any statements as to the veracity of my post, she just cried and you believed her. A responsible editor stands by his reporters and the content of the work they can back up with documentation. You folded the moment one person complained.

todd bray said...


An added lane gives short term relief too like your band aid metaphor and does not give validation to any possible quarry development down the line.(Lest Ye forgotten a quarry development has many hurdles besides traffic, and a commercial development would not bring increased traffic during peak hours). So why go to all the trouble and expense of a widening project? It makes no sense, fiscally or practically.

I think the property owners that have been put on hold for decades need to be compensated too. It would not be fair to leave folks like Gil Anda holding the bag so to speak.

Not a member of "your side" said...

Steve Sinai said:
"I disagree with the hippies on lots of things, but in may ways, I respect them much more than some of those whom, on matters of city policy, I tend to agree with."

This statement alone should disqualify you from running this blog - based upon its original mission. I find it to be a very disturbing statement for you to make. Really! Those who you think are on "your side" really should reconsider their alliances.

"Second, I was talking to Todd Bray for about 20 minutes Friday, mostly about our differences in regards to Highway 1. Somehow, we manage to get along just fine."

Of course you get along fine. You are one and the same. When is the last time you spent 20 minutes talking to anyone who is supposed to be on your side? Who are you kidding?

My suggestion:
Turn this blog over to Simons. His investigative reporting and humor are more appropriate for this blog than your copy and paste style. He is not insulting nor hyprocritical with respect to posters/commenters. I notice you still post on Riptide. Clearly, you are more comfortable in that forum. I suggest you stay there where you are amongst friends and those who you respect. You can come back here on occasion and post your usual "far right wing nut" insults, etc. under Sinai, Mayo, Koo Koo Kathleen, and many of the other pseudonyms you have used here (which you claim you haven't). We already have one PSD/enviro blog in this town. We desperately need another voice. That voice is not yours.

Anonymous said...

Jeff Simons no longer lives in Pacifica, left when his house whent into foreclosure for the 2nd time because his family can't afford the California dream.

Why does he care what happens here if he's made the big leap to Texas?

Steve Sinai said...

Jeff, if you have evidence of an illegal real estate transaction, provide it.

When I asked for evidence before, I remember being told to go to someone else's house to look through documents. I don't have the time, inclination or knowledge of real estate law to do that. Proving your claim is your responsibility.

And Sue V. wasn't the only one in the real estate biz who complained about your post.

Anonymous, Jr. said...

"Jeff Simons no longer lives in Pacifica, left when his house whent into foreclosure for the 2nd time because his family can't afford the California dream.

Why does he care what happens here if he's made the big leap to Texas?"

He can't let go of his personal grudges.

Kathy Meeh said...

Todd, the quarry can be developed similar to any quarry. Yes, there's the coastal commission, so what? The main problem is those of you who refuse to support making this city viable, including your council member friends. Spin, spin, spin "we can do nothing". Sounds like Councilmember DeJarnatt "what can we do, we can't pave-over the ocean?" One thing city council members have done successfully is getting rid of city land, and otherwise "nothing". They've been pretty good at babysitting citizens, and putting on a good show at city council. But, they and those of you who support the "spin" are driving this city toward disaster.

You're against quarry development, you're against highway improvement. Shall we bring in "the shuttle" again? Shall we build more trails and neglect roads? Guess you must be for more taxes and a failing city economy. Great future, from more of the same which doesn't work now. And, unfortunately until something like the street in front of your house falls apart, most people can't figure it out. On this blog personally I miss Kathleen saying "wake up people"!

Also, can't some of you stop the distracting personal "beat up" comments. Jeff and Steve have each added a great deal of intelligence to this city and to this public "fix pacifica" blog. Remember "fix pacifica"? The negative comments reflect on you, not them.

Todd Bray Mr Important said...

Seriously what has Todd Bray, done for the City Of Pacifica. He is just a fat piece of crap who likes to spew his bullshit.

Oh wait he was on the planning commission till his stupid pornographic comments about high school girls got him kicked off.

Anonymous said...

He's a good friend and has the respect of Steve Sinai. That has to count for something...

Kathy Meeh said...

Ding-dong Imposters @6:37pm and 6:53pm...idiots, sometimes Todd has good ideas, whereas these posts appear to be vapid. Todd was accurate on the biodiesel issue. As long as you know he isn't playing you, take a chance and listen to what he's saying. Collective intelligence is what humans are good at.