Thursday, June 10, 2010

Want your street paved? Don't expect the city to do it.

What does it take to get your street paved in Pacifica?

By Jane Northrop
Updated: 06/10/2010 10:09:23 AM PDT

Steve Poggi and Jacquelyn Lucas, a couple living on Sacramento Terrace in Sharp Park, found themselves in a serendipitous situation.

They have lived in their home for 27 years. Their street has never been paved by the city of Pacifica in 27 years.

The street was cracked in numerous places. Pieces of gravel often loosened during a storm and clogged the storm drain in front of their house or entered the garage.

Poggi thinks the excess gravel may be a hazard to the integrity of his foundation.

Since 2006, Poggi said he's been sending emails to city officials in every department to try to get someone out there to pave the street.

He said he has never received a response. But the city did build a culvert in front of his house and that successfully captures the run-off from the street. In an ironic stroke of luck, the main water line outside their home burst one morning a couple weeks ago.


Posted by Steve Sinai


Markus said...

Can someone educate me? Is it not the city's responsibility to pave and maintain the streets? Are we not paying for this service with our property taxes? Can property owners sue the city in the event their home's foundation and or structural integrity is undermined due to unpaved or damaged street? Shouldn't city officials have at least the decency to respond to citizen's who contact them about problems? Steve Rhodes advised that citizens & neighbors are welcome to pay to have their street paved. What a great offer! This absurd statement brings to mind additional questions. Don't they need to get a permit and how long will it take for this process? After paving, can they go ahead and bill the city? I realize we have been in a economic downturn the last couple of years, however the roads, streets and other infrastructural elements have been neglected for many years. At least the trails are in decent shape thanks to the volunteers. We need to make a leadership change ASAP.

Kathy Meeh said...

Markus, as I recall, approximately last November or December city council added an ordinance that Pacifica city property owners who live on old county roads will pay for fixing their own roads. Old county roads are those built prior to Pacifica becoming a city 50+ years ago. My response was similar to yours, with this article. Huh?

Jeffrey W Simons said...

The problem with the streets is the same problem with the sewer plant: the money is there, but where does it go? Just as the city willfully neglected the sewer infrastructure, they also willfully neglect the condition of the streets. With the Measure A funds and a proper city budget, there should be well over $1 million per fiscal year to upgrade and re-pave the streets. This does not happen. Ever wonder why?

Steve Sinai said...

I've lived in my house in East Sharp Park for 12 years, and the road in front of the house has never been re-paved in all that time. It reminds me of driving in rural Kenya. Good thing I have an all-wheel drive vehicle.

I'd never heard of the ordinance that people who live on 50+ year-old roads have to repair their own streets. That sounds like the city trying to weasel out of its responsibilities, and we ought to publicize this in the upcoming election.