Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Reporting of Abandoned Vehicles to The Pacifica Police Department

Please be aware of the process for reporting abandoned vehicles with in the City of Pacifica to the City of Pacifica Police Department.

To report a vehicle that is parked on a public street and has not been moved for three or more consecutive days,  Please call The South San Francisco Police Dispatch Center at:  650-829-3939. This is a guided recorded line for the reporting of abandoned vehicles in the Cities of Pacifica and South San Francisco.

Before making the phone call to report the abandoned vehicle you will need the following  information:

The street address of the abandoned vehicle.
What is Make, Model and Color of the abandoned vehicle.
What is the  license plate number, if known, of the abandoned Vehicle.
How long has the vehicle has been in its present  location.

Thank you and Please have a Safe and Magical Day!

Very Best Regards
Pete Olinger
Pete Olinger
Crime Prevention Unit
Pacifica Police Department


Anonymous said...

Hahaha, so helpful and well-timed. And you found a way to remind us the dispatch center is in South San Francisco. I guess that outsourcing proposal is about ready for the public. And much of the public is ready for it. Thanks, Officer Olinger.

Anonymous said...

Uh oh, somebody has a junked car on their street and doesn't want to deal with the DIY automated reporting system. As a taxpayer paying those police department salaries I feel just terrible there's no one sitting here in Pacifica any more just waiting to write down your complaint. Almost terrible enough to go move my 12 year old beater that I can't afford to fix this month. Maybe not that terrible.

Anonymous said...

I'm not paying my high property tax to see your broken down trucks parked in front of my house!!! if you own one park it in front of your own house or driveway!!!!!!!!