Tuesday, September 17, 2019

Democrats meeting, this Saturday September 21, 2919 - Caminar

Mark Cloutier, CEO of Caminar,
"life changing mental health care".

Through their understanding of root causes and the generosity of their donors, Caminar transforms the lives of 20,000 youth and adults in the Bay Area each year with prevention, treatment, and recovery services. Caminar’s life changing mental health care is driven by compassion and science.

Saturday, September 21st
Sharp Park Golf Course Restaurant

The meeting will begin at 9:30 am in the rear banquet room at the Sharp Golf Course Restaurant.
A full breakfast is available for $12, a continental breakfast at $6, or just coffee for $3, although no purchase is necessary.
If you wish to join or renew your membership in the Pacifica, Daly City Democrats, you can do so Saturday by completing a membership application available at the sign-in table. However, meetings of the Club are free and open to the public.

Submitted by Suzan Getchell, President, Pacifica-Daly City Democrats Club

Reference.   Caminar/about. "Founded in San Mateo, California, in 1964, Caminar’s thriving programs and services serve more than 20,000 individuals annually across San MateoSanta ClaraSan FranciscoSolano, and Butte Counties. Our nonprofit organization’s portfolio of behavioral health and supportive services empowers and supports individuals and families to move toward resilience, wellness, and independence. And, we are expanding our capacity to address the increasingly complex needs of individuals and families. Since January of 2017, we have added three divisions to the Caminar organization. ...."  FacebookLinkedin.    Mark Cloutier, MPP, MPH, CEO, Caminar,  Press Release, 2/7/19: "Caminar announces Mark A. Cloutier as new CEO. .... 'In addition to top caliber leadership experience, we sought a CEO who has vision for and commitment to the work of Caminar,' says Suzan Getchell-Wallace, President of the Board of Directors of Caminar. 'Mark believes strongly in the comprehensive services we offer and the importance of offering optimal care to the communities we serve.' ... "  

Related.  Network of Care/Information provided by San Mateo County Mental Health Services Division. "Caminar in San Mateo County works in partnership with the County of San Mateo County Mental Health Department to provide quality social rehabilitation services. Programs include Community Rehabilitation, a Medication Clinic, Residential Treatment and Vocational and Educational Services. Caminar's programs and services emphasize client choice, interdependence, community support and provide rehabilitation services that enhance each consumer's potential. All Caminar/CLC programs work cooperatively with community resources and assist clients in accessing services."     Note photograph of Mark Cloutier from Caminar and Silicon Valley Business Journal, 2/13/19.
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Friday, September 13, 2019

Planning Commission, Monday September 16, 2019

Attend in person, 2212 Beach Boulevard, 2nd floor.  Or, view on local Pacific Coast television, PCT/Pacifica Channel 26PCT links to meeting videos: calendar, and recent coastside civic meeting videos. City Council and Planning Commission meetings usually begin at 7 p.m., or shortly there following.  City meeting agendas (current and archived) are available on the City meetings calendar.  City websites:  City Council, and Planning Commission.  

Interactive Planning Commission Agenda, 9/16/19.    Planning Commission Agenda, 9/16/19, pdf pages 194.
Item 1. Shell gas station, Rockaway
convenience store construction.

Open Session, 7:00 p.m.  Administrative:  approval of order of agenda; draft Minutes.  a)  Minutes (draft), 8/5/19.  Designation of liaison to City Council meeting, 9/23/19: 7-Eleven annual review.  Consent items: none.  Consideration items: none. 
Public oral communications.

Continued Public Hearings 
1.   File 2018-056: PSD-837-18, UP 112-18, S-129-19.  Demolition of an existing convenience  store (834 sf), and construction of a new convenience store (1,305 sf) with a wall sign:  Shell gas station (existing), 4475 Cabrillo Coast Highway (APN 022-031-300), Rockaway Beach, report.  a) Resolution and COAs (draft).  b) Land Use/Zoning.  c) Project plans.  d) Arborist report.  e) Traffic report.  f) UST Clean Up case closure letters.
2.    File 2019-019: TA-116-19, MND. Amend existing City land use and zoning regulations in accordance with State and Federal fair housing laws, to establish reasonable  accommodation for persons with disabilities, report.  a) Resolution/Ordinance (draft). b) Initial study/MND: City housing element update, 2015-2023. 
Image result for 450 Dondee Way photograph
Item 3.  450 Dondee Way, Rockaway
Cannabis retail operation.
New Public Hearings
3.  File 2018-029:  CAP-8-18.  Establish a medical and adult-use Cannabis retail operation in an existing commercial building: 450 Dondee Way, Suite 2, Rockaway Beach, (APN 022-021-640), report.  a)  Resolution and COAs (draft).  b) Land Use/Zoning.  c) Project plans.  d) Operation plan.  e) Security plan.  f) Police Chief Steidle Memo. 
Communications:  Planning Commission, Staff.  Adjourn.
Reference, development/planning acronyms. 
ADU, Accessory dwelling unit cons
truction, APN, Assessor's parcel number.  CDP, Coastal Development permit.  COAs, conditions of approval.  CZ, (Coastal Zone Combining) zoning districts. DA, development agreement. DP, development permit. HDR, High density residential. GPA, General Plan Amendment.  LCP, Local Coastal Program.  LDR, low density residential.  MDR, medium density residential. MUP, Marijuana Use permit. PD, Planned Development.  PE, Parking Exception.  PSD, Site Development permit. PUE. Public utilities easment. PV, Permit Variance.  RIA, Rent Increase Application.  S, Sign permit. SE, Sign Exception. SF, square foot. SP, Specific Plan.  SUB, Subdivision. TA, text amendment (ordinance). UP, Use permit.    Zoning: California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA).   CA CEQA: Guidelines, Article 19, Categorical Exemptions: Class 1 categorical exemptions: existing facilities, section 15301; no significant effect section 15061 (b)(3); not a project, a review, section 15378; Class 2, section 15302. Freestanding single-family residences set-back and parking, C-1, neighborhood commercial.  C-2, Commercial/Office (within 100  ft. of a residential zone) C-3, Service Commercial. Class 3 categorical exemption, section 15303(a).  Class 32, Infill Development projects, section 15332. LCLUP, Local Coastal Land Use Plan.  MND, Mitigated negative declaration. MMRP, Mitigation monitoring and reporting program.  MOD, modification of subdivision regulations.   MO-RB, Marijuana Operation-Rockaway Beach Overlay District.  MRO, Marijuana Retail Operation. CAP, Cannabis Activity Permit. CO-RB, Cannabis Operation, Rockaway Beach Overlay District.  CPSL, Cannabis Public Safety License.  CRO, Cannabis Retail Operation.   PMC, Pacifica Municipal Code.  R1, single-family residential, Reference.com.  R-2, Two family residential; R-3, Multi-family residential; R-3G, Multiple-family residential garden district. RIA, rent increase application.  S, City of Pacifica Sign ordinance.  CA code, accessory (second residential) dwelling units, 65852.2.  Zoning/Planning Handouts, City of Pacifica.  RZ, rezoning. TBD, to be determined. TDR, transfer of development rights (urban planning).  City:  Annual progress report (APR). Capital Improvement program (CIP), Title/Ordinances/Municipal Code. General Plan. (GP) update documents, background history.  Pacifica Municipal Code (PMC). Local Coastal Land Use Plan, (LCLUP), update documents.   Related Item 1,
Shell Gas Station locator.  Photographs: Shell gas station and convenience store from Forsquare by Eric W., 2/13/13; 450 Dondee Way from Re-Max Properties, 2 of 5.
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Wednesday, September 11, 2019

Introducing SFO's NEW Aircraft Noise Tracking Technology

Introducing SFO's NEW Aircraft Noise Tracking Technology

We are excited to announce the arrival of SFO’s NEW Aircraft Noise Tracker. This tool gives you a near real-time look at actual flight tracks and noise levels around the airport. You can investigate aircraft-related noise events, validate your aircraft noise calculations, and submit community concerns directly to the SFO Aircraft Noise Abatement Office.
The tool enables you to:
  • Find Specific Aircraft Information including an aircraft’s type, altitude, origin/destination airport, and other flight identification. Locating yourself on the map offers additional location-specific information.
  • Determine Aircraft and Community Noise Levels from permanent and portable noise monitors deployed by the airport which are shown by the colored numbered dots. 
  • Replay and Investigate Historical Flights
  • Display Map Layers of major SFO arrival & departure routes and noise contours
  • Submit a Noise Report with SFO’s Aircraft Noise Abatement Office (Coming end of October)
  • See Flights in 3D. Our previous tracker, Volans, is still available within the application and allows you to see flights in a 3D view.
Your feedback is important to us! Please share your impressions of the new flight tracker tool by emailing us at noiseabatementoffice@flysfo.com

Friday, September 6, 2019

City Council meeting, Monday September 9, 2019

Attend in person, 2212 Beach Boulevard, 2nd floor.  Or, view on local Pacific Coast television, PCT/Pacifica Channel 26PCT links to meeting videos: calendar, and recent coastside civic meeting videos. City Council and Planning Commission meetings usually begin at 7 p.m., or shortly there following.  City meeting agendas (current and archived) are available on the City meetings calendar.  City websites:  City Council, and Planning Commission

Image result for green infrastructure picture
Item 8. Consider a Green Infrastructure Plan.

Image result for green frog picture
 Not me this time?
Open Session, 7:00 p.m. Call to order, roll call, salute to flag. 
Special Presentations
A.     34th Annual Pacific Coast Fog Fest, Fog Fest organization. 
B.      Pension obligation bond refunding information, City Staff. 
Consent Calendar 
1.    Approval of financial disbursements (checks), 8/1/19 - 8/15/19:  a)
FY 2018-2019.  b) FY 2019-2020.
2.    Approval of City Council Minutes:  a) 8/26/19.
3.    Proclamation confirming existing of a local emergency: coastline from Westline Drive to the end of Beach Boulevard, report.
4.    Approval of San Mateo County Office of Education contract providing State Preschool classes, FY 2019-20, amount $397,137, report/Resolution.  a) Contract, 2019-20.
5.     Consider adoption of a Resolution approving a settlement agreement (rather than a lawsuit) between the City and California River Watch, (Clean Water Act violations: sanitary sewer overflows and effluent limitation violations), report/Resolution.  a)  Settlement Agreement, (noted violation civil penalties up to $54,833 per day, page 20).
6.     Adoption of Municipal Code ordinance repealing and replacing Chapter 15 "Smoking Prohibitions", Title 4, to prohibit smoking in certain areas of the City and multi-unit residences, exempt from CEQA, report/Ordinance.  a) Summary report, 8/26/19.
Communications (Oral):  Public, City Council, City Staff.  

Public hearings 
7.     Consideration of an a site development appeal: construction of a single-family residence on a vacant lot, Lot 37, Block 1, Salada Avenue, revised Salada Beach subdivision (APN 016-050-400), File 2017-021, exempt from CEQA.  Planning approval was 5-1, on 7/15/19, report.  a) Resolution (draft).  b) Ordinance (draft).  Planning Commission: c) Resolution.  d) Agenda packet, 7/15/19.  e) Minutes (draft) 7/15/19.   f)  Project plans.  g) Appeal form and letter.  h) Public comments. 
8.    Resolution approving a city Green Infrastructure Plan, Municipal Regional Stormwater Permit, Municipal Regional Stormwater Permit (MRP) provision C.3j, San Francisco Bay Region and throughout San Mateo County; and, authorizing the City Manager to approve future updates, report/Rsolution.  a)  City of Pacifica Green Infrastructure Plan.
Note photographs frog from You Tube, You and I TV, 9/12/16, "Learn the colors, GREEN..." Streetscape from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), "What is a Green Infrastructure." 
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