Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Quarry Owner Commits to Construction of Hotel on Site

Paul Heule gives firm commitment to the public and city leaders
regarding Quarry site plans

PACIFICA, CA – In a conversation with Pacifica city officials Monday and a well-attended town hall meeting later that night, Pacifica Quarry site owner Paul Heule publicly stated his commitment to ensure the proposed hotel described in the Pacifica Quarry entitlement applications on file with the City is constructed either first or concurrently with any residential development on the site. The commitment is the latest in a string of public decisions made by the ownership team to support the community and provide the best of all worlds for Pacifica city residents and visitors: sustainable, limited development that brings in significant tax revenue for the City while protecting open space and the environment.
“While we have always been committed to building the hotel, I publicly reiterated that commitment yesterday afternoon, that we will build the hotel first, or concurrently with any residential development at the Quarry,” said Paul Heule, President of Eenhoorn, LLC. “The hotel at the Quarry will be a destination that will bring extraordinary benefits to Pacifica, driving the bulk of the new job creation and tax revenue to pay for vital city services like street repair & maintenance, parks, and public safety protection. It is our hope that the hotel will also serve as a community space, hosting conferences, weddings, and other important local functions.”
Measure W, which will be before Pacifica voters on November 8th, would authorize the City Council to approve residential uses for the property, and would set strict guidelines for any future development on the property for residential, hotel, office, and retail uses. Those guidelines require that any proposed development on the site must restore and protect as open space a minimum of 75% of the property, implement green building standards, and mitigate for any significant traffic impacts after conducting a thorough traffic study. The City Council can rezone the Quarry site to include residential development only if Measure W is approved by the voters in November. That process would include a robust environmental review and multiple opportunities for the community to participate and get involved in reviewing and commenting on the proposal.
Located along Pacifica’s spectacular coast, the Quarry encompasses 86 privately owned acres within the City. It forms a “missing piece” of a larger coastal open space system, including Rockaway State Beach to the south and Mori Point to the north. The Quarry can provide critical connections and a permanent open space buffer; site restoration, however, will require extensive grading for mining reclamation, wetlands and creek enhancement, and improvements to trails. Limited and sensitive redevelopment of the site, subject to voter approval, will finance this restoration.
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Closing results of Summer Olympic Games 2016, Rio de Janero, Brazil

Rio 2016, August 5 to 21, a new world, "Olympic Medal Count." 

Image result for Olympics Rio 2016 picture"2,102 is the number of gold, silver and bronze medals that will be awarded to the athletes competing in the Olympic Games."

Rank by:  Gold, Silver, Bronze.
Image result for Olympics Rio 2016 picture
Olympics: Rio 2016

 Country                                      Gold         Silver           Bronze           Total

Related.    Pacifica Tribune/Sports/Horacescope/Horace Hinshaw, 8/18/16,"Pacifica represented at Olympics." .... "The United States Olympics team is comprised of 555 athletes (123 from California) with three of those being from Pacifica. Now, I don’t know if another city in the country had multiple athletes competing in the Olympics this year, but Pacifica can certainly be proud of its three athletes. .... All three Pacificans were competing in the Olympics for their first time. Danny Barrett played for the USA rugby Sevens team, Ryan Patterson, a University of California gymnast, represented his native country of South Africa and Katarzyna Trzopek was a member of the women’s fencing team."

Note graphic and picture from the Olympics Games Organization.  Rings image from Rio 2016, latest news. Statue overlooking stadium facepage image to Rio 2016 Olympics/the event schedule and following the events.

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Monday, August 22, 2016

Quarry housing could be 206, or why not 618 apartments?

Pacifica Tribune/Letters to the Editor, 8/10/16.  "It’s about housing" by Todd McClune Bray

Image result for Quarry development, Pacifica, CA picture
Conceptual Land Use Plan,
75% permanent open space.
Nothing makes NIMBIES happy!
Image result for Quarry development, Pacifica, CA picture
Developer bags of money
too heavy for Quarry getaway.
"Dear Editor, Re: the coming quarry measure in November, whether it will be called Measure B or Measure S or some combination of the two, it is only, and I mean only, about building housing in the quarry creating a new neighborhood.

The language of the ballot measure is very vague about what 206 multi-family units could be. Our municipal codes say a multi-family unit has three or more dwellings per structure. That begs the question: if we approve the quarry vote in November are we actually approving 206 units of housing or 618 units, if not more, of housing in the quarry?

Make no mistake, the quarry vote isn’t about hotels, restaurants, office space or commercial retail (all of which could be built without a public vote) the vote is about housing in the quarry period, that will certainly create an entirely new neighborhood of either 206 dwellings or at least 618 apartments in West Rockaway. The ballot language is really that vague.

The Michigan-based developer could walk away with a big bag of money leaving us property owners to subsidize the city services his new neighborhood will require. No matter what way you look at the math for this new quarry, housing just doesn’t add up."

Reference. The Pacifica Quarry Restore and Connect, "The opportunity".   The Pacifica Quarry/Updates and Resources, "Conceptual site plan" (scroll down).  City of Pacifica Planning, "Proposed Pacifica Quarry reclamation project".  City of Pacifica/Quarry ballot initiative, see Quarry Initiative Title and Summary, .... "2) At least 75% of the Quarry site would be designated as permanently-protected open space, including setbacks of at least 100 feet from Calera Creek."

Related.  Pacifica Tribune/Jane Northrop/Staff Writer, 5/5/16, "Pacificans rally against quarry development."    Note Photograph/graphics.  land use graphic from The Pacifica Quarry/Updates and Resources, "Conceptual site plan."  Helicopter from Pacifica Tribune 6/29/16, under a title "Questions big and small concern residents about proposed Quarry development." (?). 

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Sunday, August 21, 2016

Lampoon karma, ".. couldn't happen to a nicer guy"


The Guardian, UK/Art and Design/Murray Whyte, 8/19/16. "Ageist and body-syhaming Trump statue falls short as art and satire."   


"What has been seen, the saying goes, cannot be unseen, and for Indecline, a self-professed 'anarchist art collective', that was surely the point: on Thursday, the group installed five life-size effigies of Donald Trump, the Republican presidential candidate, in five cities across the US that left nothing to the imagination.

Image result for Photograph of Donald Trump
And here's what I think of you,
and your outrageous politics!
If you have none yourself, the title helped you out. The Emperor Has No Balls, the group gleefully dubbed it, stealth-installing duplicates of the naked Trump in New York, San Francisco, Cleveland, Seattle and Los Angeles. Each lasted barely an hour before being removed, but in an era where viral image-sharing precludes the fact of actually being there, that was more than long enough. The thousands of naked Trump selfies pinging around the social mediasphere made avoiding the gruesome spectacle impossible. Naked Trump is a part of us now, a perpetual presence forever an ill-fated Google image search away. " Read article.


Related news, New York.  CNN/Theodore Schleifer, 8/19/16, "NYC Parks Dept. issues cheeky response to naked Trump statue." "The most surprising government agency to lampoon Donald Trump this week? The New York City Parks Department.The department issued a short response after an arts group called Indecline hoisted a life-size, naked Trump statue in Union Square park Thursday. 'NYC Parks stands firmly against any unpermitted erection in city parks, no matter how small,' said Sam Biederman, a parks spokesman."


Related news, San Francisco NBC Bay Area trending/Riya Bhattacharjee, 8/19/16,"'We want to show the world what a fraud he is': SF Supervisor wants to save naked Donald Trump statue." ".... The statue is currently in possession of the Mission District police station, according to a sergeant there. .... For San Francisco Supervisor Scott Weiner, the statue is more than entertainment — it's political art. Weiner wants to get the Trump statue out of custody and find a home for it, such as Lefty O'Doul's, an Irish sports bar in Union Square. 'We want to show the world what a fraud he is,' Weiner said at a press conference Friday morning. He said he wants to save the statue so San Francisco can be reminded of Trump's 'ridiculousness through the elections'." 


Note: photograph. Man with taking selfie by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images from Rediff.com News, 8/19/16, "Naked Trump becomes the butt of jokes."  Idiom, "It couldn't happen to a nicer guy": Dictionary.com, or, The Free Dictionary.


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Air quality not too good, Soberanes Fire apparently is a major contributor

 CBS Local, 8/19/16,"Smoke from Soberanes Fire blankets Bay Area."   

Image result for Soberanes Fire picture
Smoke here from Central Coast Soberanes Fire
"SAN FRANCISCO (CBS SF) – The smell of smoke wafted over San Francisco Friday as haze from the massive Soberanes Fire near Big Sur blanketed the Bay Area, triggering a Share the Air alert.

The fire, which was ignited by an illegal campfire on the morning of July 22, has scorched more than 81,000 acres and was 60 percent contained early Friday. According to Cal Fire, an evacuation order remains in effect for Coast Ridge Rd. from mile marker 1.5 to Marble Peak at the end of the road. According to U.S. Forest Service spokesman Joe English, his agency was taking command of the efforts to fight the blaze as it has burned nearly 42,000 acres of the Los Padres National Forest. The National Guard has also assigned 350 of its personnel to help battle the fire including several hand crews.

Another 38,000 acres of California wildland in Carmel Valley, Cachagua and Big Sur have also burned. The firefighting efforts in those areas are being handled by Cal Fire crews. The fire has destroyed 57 homes with Cal Fire estimating full containment by Sept. 30."

Reference. Cal Fire, updated 8/20/16, "Soberanes Fire incident information," Monterey County.

Related articles. KSBW 8 (the Central Coast), Amy Larson, "Soberanes Fire will not be contained until Sept. 30, Cal Fire says." "BIG SUR, Calif. Cal Fire pushed back its expected date for 100 percent containment of the Soberanes Fire from August 30 to September 30."  "....  For the past two weeks, firefighters have been protecting populated areas in Big Sur, Carmel Highlands, and Carmel Valley by drawing fire lines, igniting back fires, and pushing the fire southeast into the wilderness of Los Padres National Forest.  ....  Firefighters battling the Soberanes Fire have run into some uniquely sketchy situations while on the front lines over the past 29 days. Firefighters reported being unable to enter some wilderness areas because they were confronted by men who were likely trying to keep their illegal marijuana grows hidden."  LA Late News/Fire, 7/23/16, "Soberanes Fire map 2016: Monterrey California Fire Expands."  Radio 90.3 KAZU, NPR for Monterey, Salinas, Santa Cruz,"Soberanes Fire Updates," map includes Los Padres National Forest Closed Area.

Note photograph from ABC 7 TV News/Chris Nguyen/Soberanes Fire, 7/28/16, "Bulldozer operator killed near Soberanes Fire in Monterey County." 

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