Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Lobbied from "Save the Bay" - anything but development "we're for it"

More people moving into the Bay Area need centralized housing, with rail transportation to jobs.

Hypnotised yet?  Just say no to progress. "You will not like the Redwood City Saltworks mixed-use, transit hub project." 

The following email from Save the Bay was sent to me directly, copied to Fix Pacifica. The email includes a link to our blog article re-post, Redwood City Saltworks vs. "kill the project" environmentalists  (Palo Alto Daily News, 4/12/12).

No surprise,  Save the Bay is working against against the proposed Redwood City Saltworks development, a transit hub project including 50% mixed-use, and 50% open space. You may want to view the Saltworks link, and their 5-7 minute information video.  

Public legal information indicates emails are not copyrighted and have less protection than uncopyrighted Letters, so I am sharing this gently pressured "we know who you are" email with you. Environmental organizations and their members seem to share information and work well together. We could all learn from that example.  By working together, we could better protect our community from the umbalanced outcomes of environment first (maybe), humans last (always), however well-intentioned.  

The email (below)
-------- Original Message --------
Subject: Save The Bay
Date: Mon, 16 Apr 2012 12:24:46 -0700
From: Stephen Knight

Dear Kathy – I saw your blog on the Cargill project story from last week, with the images from the developer.
If you need them in future, we’d be glad to help point you to some other images, such as this one. The SF Chronicle and SJ Mercury News points of view are attached. 
Thank you.-- Stephen Knight, Political Director, Save The Bay, sknight@saveSFbay.org | 510.463-6812 | @saveSFbay. Sip wine and save the Bay at the Uncorked Wine Festival!

Posted by Kathy Meeh


Anonymous said...

Can government save the planet from the filthy emissions of Bill Whittle's selfish tailpipe? Can Stephen Green be stopped, by careful zoning and planning, from trashing up the once pristine Colorado landscape with his "freestanding" house? Are you willing to sacrifice a bit of your luxurious liberty for the good of the planet? The Wall Street Journal calls it 'California's War on Suburbia'. Check it out, and share prodigiously.

Agenda 21


Anonymous said...

Anon 646, how many children do you have? Do you live and work in a metropolitan area? Do you drive to work? Are you stalled in traffic, while dreaming of the ideal: living out-in the country where you cannot make a living?

The USA has 300,000+ million people. Most of them live and work in cities. Half of the adult family units are now single. The way we live in the world continues to evolve, no longer what it was 60 years ago.

But, your news source is Fox News video (8 minutes), Great! Did you see the Borowitz Report" headline today (4/17/12): "Fox News Wins the Pulitzer for Fiction." Don't miss it.

Brian Ginna said...


Mr. Knight is obviously very "green" in his environmental efforts. Funny that they sent the Jr. guy to do an errand. Sending an email to you to "announce" his interest in your website is bad form. It shows us that he is worried about your coverage. Keep up the pressure on these fools.

Kathy Meeh said...

"Keep up the pressure..."

Thanks Brian. Steven Knight probably did not expected to see his email posted on this blog. I believe his authorized organization email to me (copied to Fix Pacifica) was a propaganda technique to silence, or an invitation join. Of course some of us seek sustainable solutions for both the environment and civilization (including our regional community).