Thursday, April 27, 2017

Pacifica Tribune: DA looking at Sue Digre complaint

San Mateo County District Attorney Steve Wagstaffe is conducting a “first step” inquiry into a complaint regarding Pacifica City Council Member Sue Digre.

“We are trying to find out if it is appropriate for us to open an investigation. We do look at whether someone properly lives in a jurisdiction or any conflict of interest. At this point I have assigned someone to collect all the information to determine whether or not to open an investigation,” he said.

The inquiry may take a week or two, he said.

The issue arose when an anonymous letter arrived at city hall alleging that Council Member Digre did not live at the address she said she lived at when she filed to run for office. City papers show Digre declared her residency at 780 Edgemar Ave.

The letter says she actually lived at Pacific Skies Estates.


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Tuesday, April 25, 2017

New Chamber of Commerce CEO

The Pacifica Chamber of Commerce has a new Chief Executive Officer. JAMIE MONOZON, currently San Bruno Chamber of Commerce CEO, will split her time equally between the two chambers, serving both communities and collaborating at times.  She will be partnering and sharing responsibilities with current Board President VICTOR SPANO.

Following the resignation announcement by Vickie Flores, the Chamber Board received a large number of resumes, several from seasoned CEO’s in high tech and other industries. The Chamber Board was hoping to find an applicant who was knowledgeable of Chamber operations and who could fit in well with the business community. Monozon has served as San Bruno Chamber CEO for the last five years. 
She has over 25 years of business leadership experience including owning her own business and serving as an Executive for multiple Fortune 500 companies in the title and escrow industry here in San Mateo County. She is a close friend and peer of former Pacifica Chamber CEO Courtney Conlon, and they attended many local, state and national chamber events and symposiums together.

Spano has been on the Chamber of Commerce Board for the last three years. His term as Board President began in January 2017.  According to Spano, “The shoes of Vickie Flores and Courtney Conlon are hard to fill….we are moving forward to ensure the continuity and success of the Pacifica Chamber and Jamie is going to be an awesome leader who will bring new ideas that will help the entire community.  She wants to include Pacifica’s chamber in some of her San Bruno events, and that is going to a boon to our Pacifica Chamber membership.”

Submitted by Victor Spano, 
Pacifica Chamber of Commerce

Nextdoor claims privacy on public comments, kicks out offender

If you are having problems with Nextdoor dumping your comments, or even dumping YOU, let us know!  The following is my recent response email to the Nextdoor lead, and their email. The suspension/termination of my account came with links to their previously undisclosed (to my knowledge) "privacy" and "membership" rules.  Their email titled "your email account" was hardly noticed, until no more community emails came from them. (Kathy Meeh)

Image result for red legged frog picture
Are NIMBIES eating our public Nextdoor forum?
Response email to Nextdoor.  "Needless to say, the action Nextdoor chose to take was from the termination line, rather than the emailed help line above.  There is a difference.
My prior understanding of the Nextdoor email function was that Nextdoor is a Citywide sponsored email for the community:  a public forum, with similar public "free speech" characteristics and standards the City would adhere to.
Signing-up to participate with Nextdoor dialog a few years ago, I don't recall a long list of not easily or clearly understood privacy and member agreement requirements. Do you? 
And BTW, of these privacy/member clauses, where is the exact reference, which has caused this "egregious" Nextdoor community termination?

Copyright standards and crediting sources were included in my Fix Pacifica article consideration.  Direct:  or General:
As noted:  The conversation about rent control and affordable housing began on the biased Nextdoor/Sam Casillas article, which gave Realtors (the Realtor Association) a "bad rap" (and that smacks of scapegoating without solution from the NIMBY crowd). 
Doesn't the the unfair nature of that Nextdoor article itself bother you a little?  I think it should.

Image result for You're fired or terminated picture
Pro Economy Nextdoor game:  bye, bye, you're out.
The Fix Pacifica article
1.  Steve Sinai's Nextdoor comment: Steve is my friend and Blogmaster of Fix Pacifica blog (where we post a majority of articles).  Posting Steve's comment was intended as a  fun surprise, rather than a  breach of what is in reality viewable Citywide privacy.
2.  Dorothy Bouly Bolton's comment was a direct City researched rent control data quote, so how private is that? 
3.  Mike Hicks astute "need for affordable housing" comment is fact, and it's doubtful he objected.
4.  Helen Risinger, complaint of passing cost to landlords, doubt she objected.

I think the action taken by Nextdoor to dump me (and likely many others), lacks sufficient cause and should be reviewed. 
Also FYI, lately I'm hearing complaints about Nextdoor, that Nextdoor is not being fair.  There is the dumping of factual comments (just as one of my comprehensive comments was dumped a few months ago).  And there also seems to be the dumping of participants who do not support and adhere to the pro-NIMBY (nothing for Pacifica) bias. 
Over decades, hasn't this City had enough damage done to the viability of it's infrastructure?  Has Nextdoor recently been absorbed by those who pretend, "nothing happening here"?  I'm beginning to think so. A response and reinstatement is expected."  Kathy (Kathleen Meeh)

Reference. The Nextdoor/"Helpline" email, 4/21/17. The "suspension/termination" email was signed cordially with "Best", (an alternative to "regards" or "love" I suppose); and, we'll call this fearless Nextdoor lead: "Anonymous". "I’m reaching out to you today because it was brought to our attention that you posted Nextdoor content authored by Nextdoor members onto your blog without their consent. This violates Nextdoor’s Privacy Policy and your Member Agreement. Due to this violation, your account has been suspended. If you remove the Nextdoor content from your blog and agree to respect the Privacy Policy and Member Agreement, then we can discuss the recovery of your account access."  Hum, I don't recall seeing these Nextdoor Privacy Policy and Member Agreements prior, do you?  But it might not matter anyhow, if our local Nextdoor has now been taken over and is being controlled by NIMBIES.  The Fix Pacifica article in question, (comments from Nextdoor), 4/18/17, "City infrastructure wisdom: bonehead economics 1." (This article is also linked above, and no, Nextdoor, I won't be taking it down).    

Note photographs. Red legged walking frog by Elisa P. from Strange by Nature Deviant Art. Stick man from  Culik Law PC/Shawna Culik, 2/21/14, "What to Do if You Are Wrongfully Terminated..."  

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Sunday, April 23, 2017

City Council meeting, Monday April 24, 2017.

Friday, April 21, 2017

Digre-Gate Continues

Below is a copy of an email from the county district attorney's office regarding the allegation that Councilmember Digre didn't list the correct address on her voter registration and councilmember nomination papers.  It looks like the county DA will at least check it out. I don't know who the xxxxxxxxxx refers to.

From: Al Serrato []
Sent: Wednesday, April 19, 2017 1:33 PM
To:  xxxxxxxxxx
Cc: Steve Wagstaffe <>
Subject: Re: Council member should be removed from Council

Dear xxxxxxxxxx

Mr. Wagstaffe forwarded your email to me, as I am the Assistant District Attorney who handles allegations involving public integrity issues.

In the past week, we have received requests from a number of concerned citizens to take action with regard to Pacifica City Councilmember Sue Digre. It has been alleged that since 2012, she resided at an address other than the one listed on her voter registration and councilmember nomination documents. Since those documents were signed under penalty of perjury, we have been requested to review the matter to determine whether Councilmember Digre has violated the law in this regard.

Thank you for bringing this matter to our attention. Promoting honesty and integrity in government is an important societal interest, and we take these allegations, and your concerns, seriously. The issues raised by the allegations involve both factual and legal determinations, and consequently, cannot be made quickly.

Please be assured that we have received your email and are in the process of reviewing the matter to determine what, if any, action might be appropriate.

Best regards,

Albert A. Serrato
Assistant District Attorney
400 County Center, 3rd Floor
Redwood City, CA 94063
(650) 363-4823

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Economic development manager transition

Pacifica Tribune/Letter Anne Stedler, 4/12/17. "Economic development manager resigns."

"I have submitted my resignation so I can pursue plans for my life and work. My last day in the office will be April 11. Regrettably, this means leaving many relationships in the community and at the office, and many terrific projects.

Image result for Anne Stedler, Economic Development Director Pacifica Picture
Anne Stedler, thank you for your
role in improving economic
conditions within our City!
Interim City Manager Keith Breskin and I have discussed plans to continue the key projects and initiatives while a new economic development manager is hired. Continuity for the work and service to this community remain a priority, of course. I have used my last weeks in Pacifica to arrange for that.

It has, as always, been a pleasure to work with so many Pacifica residents and businesses on projects, such as the Palmetto Streetscape that City Council recently approved for construction. Thanks to all of you, as individuals and organizations. My best to the City and community."  With regard and respect, Anne Stedler

Reference.  Anne H. Stedler/LinkedIn,"Professional background."  City of Pacifica/Economic Development, current link.  Example related activities. Economic Development Committee Agenda, 1/10/17. Fix Pacifica articles, Meet new Economic Development Director/Victor Spano, 5/22/15,  Ann Stedler to address Rotary Club/Victor Spano, 9/10/15.  

Related articles.  The Mercury News/Anne Stedler, 10/6/15, updated 8/12/16, "From the desk of Ann Stedler."  "I want to share a few thoughts, as resident and economic development practitioner, about big economic reasons for retail vacancies. Prompted by concerns about vacancies at Kimco centers, and formerly at Eureka Square, my comments are general because I can’t speak for retail property owners. However, retail issues and perspectives merit discussion, because the industry plays an important role in our city."  Redwood Times/Courtney Conlon, CEO, Pacifica Chamber of Commerce Pacifica Tribune, 7/21/15, "Supporting business and promoting community."  Pacifica Tribune/Jane Northrop, Staff Writer, 8/10/16, "Palmetto Avenue streetscape changes revealed."

Note photograph by Jane Northrop from Anne Stedler's related article, Mercury News, 10/6/15, updated 8/12/16, above. This is a thoughtful article, worth reading.

Posted by Kathy Meeh

Wednesday, April 19, 2017

San Francisco senator calls for more market-rate housing

Senator Scott Wiener says “market-rate” isn’t a bad word


State Senator Scott Wiener took to Medium over the weekend to pen a nearly 1,700-word essay on the merits of new market-rate housing construction in the Bay Area and California.

In piece titled “Market-Rate Housing Isn’t a Bad Word, and We Won’t Solve the Housing Crisis Without It,” Senator Wiener alleges that lawmakers and community groups show “skepticism and even hostility” toward any new construction that is not “exclusively or largely [focused] on publicly subsidized, income-based affordable housing,” creating a culture of anger toward those who want to sell new homes at market rates. 

To underscore the need for more housing, the senator breaks out some cold, hard numbers:
“According to California’s Legislative Analyst, the state needs to produce about 180,000 units of housing a year to keep up with [population] growth. In practice, we produce less than half that.”

California’s Legislative Analyst Office did in fact say that in a 2015 report, adding, “Seattle—a coastal metro with economic characteristics and average temperatures that are similar to California’s Bay Area metros—added new housing units at about twice the rate as San Francisco and San Jose over the last two decades.”

So okay, just build more affordable housing if that’s what people want. But Wiener says, pointedly, “We will never — and I truly mean never — produce enough of that housing to satisfy” all of our housing needs.

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Save our highway funding

This letter has been sent to defend our highway funding, directed to the two county agencies funding the project.  All Pacifica commuters and taxpayers should be concerned that this city council will abandon our highway widening funding without a timely public vote.
San Mateo County Transportation Authority
Jim Harnett, CEO
1250 San Carlos Ave.
San Carlos, CA 94070-1306
City/County Assoc. of Governments
Sandy Wong Executive Director
San Mateo County Office Building
555 County Center,  Fifth Floor
Redwood City, Ca.  94063                                              April 12, 2017
Re:  Pacifica Hwy 1 safety widening statement for both Boards of Directors, via email.
I represent a Pacifica organization of concerned citizens which is vitally interested in the proposed Hwy 1 widening to improve our horrible AM and PM commute. I urge both organizations to keep the $4 million allocated for the Hwy 1 widening work in the transportation plan.  We cannot allow this current Pacifica council majority to break faith with Pacifica voters and abandon the project funding.
Pacifica voters overwhelmingly supported the sales tax increase specifically for transportation in the 2004 Measure A vote.  Hwy 1 is a critical north-south arterial, the only way out of town for over half of Pacifica residents.  Hwy 1 carries coast-side commuters, tourists, other commerce and emergency vehicles—all of which are caught in this one mile bottleneck. Hwy 1 is a regional highway that deserves the full support of the funding agencies.
The Pacifica Council passed a resolution stating Hwy 1 widening will only be supported if the public votes to do so. We have called for an election to determine if the public supports the widening. We expect the election decision to be made at the Council’s April 24 meeting. We also expect the question to be on the June 2018 primary ballot so a larger cross-section of the community will debate and vote on the matter.
We do not expect this new Council majority to ask that the $4 million be protected.  In fact without a public vote, they will probably delay until all funding expires.  But again, Pacifica voters supported transportation funding through Measure A and will continue to pay the sales tax increase for another 16 years. If Hwy 1 widening funding is cut, Pacifica taxpayers keep paying but the funding goes to other towns in the county.
Therefore we urge both agencies to wait about pulling the Hwy 1 funding.  Pacifica commuters and taxpayers must have the final say with a public vote.
Jim Wagner, chair
Pacifica Business and Community

Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Video: CHP rescues man clinging to a cliff in Pacifica

Updated 5:12 pm, Tuesday, April 18, 2017

A team of California Highway Patrol officers rescued a man who was clinging to a cliff at Mori Point Monday afternoon.

According to CHP, the man was "clinging to a sheer cliff wall" about 75 feet above the beach in Pacifica. He was trying to climb the cliff when he became stranded and couldn't move.

"He was approximately 300 feet from the top of the cliff and access to the man was extremely difficult and hazardous due to the steep terrain and no access points for a rope rescue," Sergeant James Andrews said in a statement.

To make matters worse, Sergeant Andrews said, "At the time of the rescue, there were high winds and moderate rainfall."

Read more and watch video here

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City infrastructure wisdom: bonehead economics 1

Image result for wisdom picture
Think City, which includes humans.
This time the City infrastructure conversation is on Nextdoor.  In this City, recently, Realtors are  being given a "bad rap" from local "do nothing to Fix Pacifica" NIMBIES. 
Realtors and Realtor Associations contribute to their communities; and they also support City Council candidates who promote City progress. And who helped you find your home, or rental unit-- who made that process much easier for YOU?  Time's up: Realtors, of course, duh. 

Comments from Nextdoor/General, Sam Casillas, 4/7/17, 339 comments, "Realtor Assoc against rent control...go figure."

"Economics - more housing supply means lower housing costs.
NIMBYnomics - more housing has no effect on housing costs.

Economic - more lanes on a highway reduces congestion.
NIMBYnomics - more lanes
on a highway increases congestion.

Economics - more high-paying jobs is good.
NIMBYnomics - more high-paying jobs is bad.

Economics - infrastructure expands to meet needs.

NIMBYnomics - infrastructure can never be expanded to meet needs." (Steve Sinai) 

Image result for wisdom picture
NIMBY solutions, got that yet?
Related comments, (only a few, there about 340 as of 4/18/17).  Affordable housing.  "If we are really sincere about providing low income housing for our low income people then we must start approving low income housing projects in Pacifica and the Midcoast. You just can't force small time neighborhood landlords like me to bear all the costs of low income housing." (Mike Hicks, 4/14/17). Rent control economics. "So.....the small time neighborhood landlords are expected to bear all of the costs of low income housing because we have a crappy sewer system that can't handle the current population??? OMG! LMBO!!!" (Helen Reisinger, 4/14/17).   Rent control management cost. "Pacifica staffers estimate the START UP COST to establish and run the rent commission that would rule on renter and landlord petitions are estimated to be $697,300.00, estimated election cost is $85,000. and could be higher. Under the ballot proposal there would be a $19 MONTHLY fee charged to landlords for each unit, which could be passed on to tenants that would pay to KEEP the city’s rent program running. The initial per-unit fee DOES NOT include one-time program startup costs. these costs will be amortized and included into fee in future years by city council action. (paid by who) Other cities that have adopted rent stabilization have been sued. There is a high potential that the City of Pacifica will be involved in litigation, which estimated costs could be 150,000-$250,000. And then there is the upcoming sewer tax raise . . . can you still afford to live in Pacifica on a fixed income? (information copied from the agenda from city council meeting on May 10)." (Dorothy Bouly Bolton. 4/15/17).  Traffic, Highway 1 widening, 4/18/17.  "Widening Highway 1 in the Vallemar/Rockaway area (1.3 miles) allows vehicles to access and especially EXIT into respective neighborhoods a whole lot more efficiently. That's at the core of the scientific CalTrans studies and research.  Meantime, we sit in traffic longer, and the blockage is not only a time waster, it's also a SAFETY issue." (Kathy Meeh, 4/18/17).  
Notes: the above article has been posted without Steve Sinai's permission, (oh well, that's the price of "perfect"). Our citizens need to figure this out, our broad community and the infrastructure integrity of our City are affected (and have been for more than three decades). Photographs. Thinker from Mike Stopforth,"The Essence Of Wisdom, 6/5/13." Other primates from The Atlantic/Michael Godsey, 1/22/15, "The Wisdom Deficit in Schools."

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