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He gave his life to save her, Sharp Park ocean tragedy

Love story which ends in Sharp Park ocean tragedy-- still, he was a hero, so were the swimmers who helped her.  Follow-up from the Tuesday, 2/9/16 CBS account of this story, Fix Pacifica reprint, 2/10/16, "Sharp Park sneaker wave, surf, riptide claims Pacifican."

Image result for Larry Moore, Pacifica, CA picture
Coast Guard, Fire Dept, paramedics,
swimmers too late for Larry, save Claudia.
San Francisco Chronicle/SF Gate, Kimberly Veklerov, 2/11/16. "'I can't lose you: Pacifica man dies trying to save wife."

"A Pacifica man swept out to sea Tuesday (2/9/16) died trying to save his wife from a sneaker wave.  The couple, 61-year-old Larry and 63-year-old Claudia Moore, had just finished picnicking and were walking along the beach when Claudia was pulled into the water by the undertow.  ...

Her feet were barely in the water, the wife said, when larger waves suddenly crashed down. Her husband took their dog back to the sand and turned around to see his wife falling into the rising water. “He tried to grab my hand, and I told him, ‘No, I’ll hold on. Go get help,’” Claudia Moore said. It felt like everything happened within a matter of seconds, she said. Her husband dived in after her, but they were quickly separated. She decided to ride the swell and floated to the top of the water. About 40 or 50 feet out from the shore, she said, two men helped her swim back to the beach.

....  The couple met on BART in the early ’90s and immediately fell in love, she said. They had been married for 20 years and lived in Pacifica since 2004.  She said it was a twist of fate which wave he got and which one she got. 'He gave his life for me but just couldn’t get to me,' she said. 'He would tell me, ‘I can’t lose you. I can’t lose you.’ About 40 or 50 feet out from the shore, she said, two men helped her swim back to the beach. Read article.

Note photograph.  Image face page to CBS local/San Francisco, 2/9/16, 10:20 pm news video, 3:26 minute, "Man dies after wave knocks him into the waters of Pacifica." .... "The San Mateo County coroner’s office said Larry Moore was pronounced dead at 3:20 p.m., about five minutes after he was pulled from the ocean by a Coast Guard helicopter.  ... The woman was pulled to safety by an unknown party by the time rescuers arrived, but Larry Moore appeared to be unconscious when he was pulled from the water. Both the man and the woman were taken to a hospital." (The above Fix Pacifica reprint article link includes this news account).

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Anonymous said...

A word or two on Sharp Park Beach:

The construction of a berm (which destroyed the dunes section of the beach), the brutal tides, the erosion and the strong riptides make Sharp Park Beach an impossibility as any form of sustainable habitat for any species, i.e., unless the species defies its own instincts and really wants to become extinct. That reason, along with the well defined and natural borders of the beach, plus the favorable logistics and easy access for the disabled and seniors (both human and canine alike)make SPB the perfect location for Pacifica's primary off-leash dog park/beach. That is why the City of San Francisco and the 2000-2002 Pacifica City Council (Carr, Gonsalves, Hinton, Vreeland and absentee DeJarnatt) unanimously christened it as such. No one was asking for prime human recreation beach space like we have at Linda Mar State Beach. You rarely, if ever see thrill-seeking surfers challenge the tides at SPB. And if you do, expect to see a rescue helicopter assisting them out of the drink. But if one is cautious and respects Mother Nature, one could have a fabulous time recreating with the family dog on the sandy beach. Unfortunately, through some unethical (and arguably illegal) manipulations at City Hall, the uber environmentalist 2002-2004 City Council of DeJarnatt, Vreeland, Lancelle and Digre, under the selfish and threatening shadow of Vreeland's fellow EPA employee, Pacifican Paul Jones, killed the deal. What a sad day for us all.

Anonymous said...

1246 Reading the article, I believe there have been sadder days. You display extraordinary tunnel vision which probably hasn't served your cause very well.

Anonymous said...

3:04, At least I have a cause, which includes the safety of people at a dangerous beach and the welfare of family pets. What exactly is your cause? Trolling this blog?

Anonymous said...

Dog zealots vs uber enviros. Battle of the causes. Extremists all.

Anonymous said...

7:09, Would you call someone who fights for the health of their children an uber zealot/extremist? I hope not. I would call them a good parent. Wonder if you are aware that the number of dogs in Pacifica significantly outnumbers the children (over 10,000 dogs vs. 7,500 children) and that 40 percent of the households have at least one dog? Still don't get it? Does it help you understand the perspective of a dog guardian if I pointed out that many cities, including the very progressive City of San Francisco, actually have health code regulations requiring pet guardians to provide adequate exercise for their dogs (e.g., San Francisco City and County Health Code Article 1; Section 41.12.c.5)? And, that public space must be provided for said exercise since it would be unreasonable and oppressive to require all dog guardians to have adequate private space available so that they may obey the law.

But hey, 7:09, don't let the facts get in the way of your preconceived opinions.

Anonymous said...

Like Beach Blvd. doesn't have enough problems.

Anonymous said...

The deceased man was one of those evicted last month from the trailer court.

Rest in Peace, Larry Moore. Our battle was with the principle, not the man.

Anonymous said...

In the course of life.....death happens.

Anonymous said...

Pompous-meter reaches new high.