Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Martin's Beach public access road saga continues, $30 million

San Francisco Chronicle/SF Gate/Peter Fimrite, 2/22/16."Vinod Khosla wants $30 million for Martins Beach access."

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Public access across my land,
$30 million. Why not? Liability, etc.
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Beautiful sunset
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Current public access
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Nice road
.... "Vinod Khosla, a venture capitalist who co-founded Sun Microsystems, said in a letter to the State Lands Commission that an easement leading over his property in San Mateo County to the beach would cost California about $30 million, not including the enormous additional costs for road repairs, annual operations and maintenance.  Khosla’s lawyer, Dori Yob, offered the estimate in a letter submitted Feb. 3 to the state Court of Appeal, which is handling one of several lawsuits over the 89-acre property.

“The $30 million figure is rather amusing,” said Gary Redenbacher, a lawyer for Friends of Martins Beach--- which says the state Constitution makes all beaches public property. “  He bought 89 acres for $32 million and is asking for $30 million for an easement over a road that is 2,500 feet long. That’s approximately 1 acre.”

....  The seashore tussle is about Khosla’s refusal to allow access across a 49-acre parcel, including the road and beach, and another 39.5-acre parcel that includes coastal cliffs. There are 45 leased cabins on the property. Khosla closed the only public access gate in September 2010, citing the high cost of maintenance and liability insurance. ....  The year was up Dec. 31. Lucchesi said the lands commission will continue to try to reach an agreement, but that 'at some point the State Lands Commission will have to decide whether to proceed with eminent domain.'"

Related article.  New York Times/Christine Hauser, 2/23/16, "Mogul seeks $30 million from /California to give Beach access." .... "The case has generated years of protests as it wound its way through state courts, where two lawsuits aim to force Mr. Khosla, who does not live on the property, to let the public back in."
Note photographs.  Martin's beach sunset from Jody Parker Photography  Leap over fence by Robert Galbraith/Reuters from New York Daily News, 3/15/13. Vinod Khosla by Peter DaSilva from Los Angeles Times, 9/24/14.  Road from Surfer Today.

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Anonymous said...

Does this mean that the public has a right of access to Shelter Cove too?
That old guy chases off everyone.

Anonymous said...

Shelter Cove doesn't apply because its a private beach that has never had access.

Anonymous said...

648 when I was a kid there was road along the beach to shelter cove.
There was even a restaurant and a playground there in the 60s you could drive to.
Shelter Cove had public access for a very long time until the road washed out.