Saturday, February 6, 2016

Super Bowl homeless migration

Pacifica Tribune/Homeless/Jane Northrop, Staff Writer, 2/3/16. "Super Bowl sweep?  Transients from San Francisco land in Town."

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We ask ourselves, "Why is
anyone homeless in America?"
"A couple weeks ago, the staff at the Pacifica Tribune in the Pacific Manor District suddenly noticed more homeless individuals on the street. There were new people sleeping in the bushes and on the sidewalk and asking for spare change at Safeway.

With the timing so perfect for the city of San Francisco to try and remove their transients in time for the big Super Bowl festivities, the Tribune asked Pacifica Police Chief Dan Steidle if the officers noticed more homeless people in Pacifica and if they came from San Francisco.

“It seems we have,” Steidle said. “While I can’t put any numbers on it specifically, our patrol officers are reporting that they have had increased contacts with transients claiming to be from San Francisco.” Steidle added he didn’t know about any “sweep” originating from San Francisco to try to clean up the streets. In Pacifica, though, the same individuals that were here last week are now off the street."

Related. Pacifica Tribune/Jane Northrop, 1/27/15, "Volunteers seek homeless in Pacifica."  

Note graphic/photographs. Super Bowl 50 from Bets of Roses office pools. Homeless encampment in Pacifica by Ann Cooney from the related Pacifica Tribune article. 

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