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Safeway to anchor Fairmont Shopping Center, Summer, 2016

Pacifica Tribune/Ester Harris, Correspondent, 2/17/16.  "Safeway to anchor new Fairmont Center. Destruction of former Lucky supermarket at mall underway to make room for new grocery store." 

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Safeway's sign replaced Lucky.
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Current transition, the new look.
....  "Anne Lang, representative of Kimco Realty, said Safeway is anticipating a four month construction schedule with the store opening in the summer of 2016. 'The project will include new interior improvements with a renovated exterior façade,' said Lang.

Associate Planner for the City of Pacifica Planning Department, Christian Murdock, said that Safeway received City approval to construct a 2,600-square-foot addition to the front of the existing building. The project will include site improvements including, but not limited to, additional landscaping. 

.... Anne Stedler said both the residents and surrounding businesses will benefit hugely from the new Safeway, and she is pleased it will be opening soon. The fact that this is Safeway’s third store in Pacifica, Stedler said, shows confidence in the Fairmont customer and the value of a good location on Skyline Blvd."  Read article.

Related, articles.  San Jose Mercury News/Pacifica/Ester Harris, Correspondent, 9/29/15, "Safeway coming to Fairmont Center." .... "Since the closure of Lucky's in July, local businesses have been eager for the new anchor store to open. Many stores in the center have faced a decline in sales in the absence of Lucky's.  'KIMCO looks forward to welcoming Safeway to its Fairmont Shopping Center. They will be a wonderful addition providing increased traffic flow for the other tenants while serving the needs of the local community,' said David Bujinicki (representative from KIMCO)."  Pacifica Tribune/Jane Northrop, Staff Writer, 7/16/15. .... "The sign on the door read the expiration of the lease agreement forced the store closure by July 24. The Tribune heard a report that the lease agreement with Kimco Realty would have tripled the rent for Lucky, but that report could not be confirmed despite trying to contact Armand Vasquez, Kimco's regional vice president."

Reference, Fairmont Shopping Center. Kimco Realty Corporation, pdf pages 5. Location mapping includes Safeway, 29,200 sq. ft., pages 2 and 3.  City of Pacifica business listings.

Note photographs.  Safeway sign by Ester Harris from her related 9/29/15 article. Safeway front of store tear-down by Ester Harris from her 2/17/16 article.

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