Monday, January 7, 2013

Sure, move Pacifica's dog park where? How about to GGNRA open space

The Daily Journal (San Mateo), Brendan Bartholomew, correspondent, 1/7/12. "Dog park causing problems."

Who is making a lot of noise and kicking-up dust?
"Pacifica’s first dog park is making some of its neighbors miserable, and they want the city to move it. The Sanchez Dog Park, on city property between the Sanchez Art Center and homes on South Alicante Drive, has, according to some residents, been a source of noise and dust since its March 30 opening.

....  The opening of the dog park on Linda Mar Boulevard was the result of efforts by a group of residents calling themselves The Pacifica Organization of Canine Helpers, or POOCH, whose stated goal was to provide at least one fenced, off-leash dog park for the community. POOCH volunteers monitor and maintain the dog park, but a representative of the organization declined to comment on the controversy surrounding the park.

POOCH is going to fight like heck to avoid having the park moved,” says Daniel Muller, a Walnut Creek attorney hired by the homeowners.  The smells, noise, and especially the dust from the park have been “a shockingly important nuisance,” Muller said."   Read article.  Photograph by Brendan Bartholomew from the article.

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