Thursday, January 10, 2013

Sewer system overhaul and lateral replacement, 2013

To replace your sewer lateral and for best pricing, call or email the  City of Pacifica, Waste Water Collection Department, for their approved plumbers (its a small list). Once the fully permitted sewer lateral application and work is completed, you will  receive a 20 year certification. The website includes information and brochures.

Pacifica Tribune/Jane Northrop, Staff, 1/8/12.  "Problem-riddled sewer system gets overhaul."

 Residential sewer replacement
"The city is in year two of a 20-year master plan that will replace the main sewer lines. Homeowners are required to replace their lateral pipes, if needed, when a house is sold, or voluntarily, if needed to do their part to keep leaky pipes from doing harm. City Council passed an ordinance last year requiring that. More than 200 lateral repairs were made in 2012, A city grant program, $1000 per household, helps with the cost of repairing the lateral. The lateral program was part of the settlement agreement with regulatory agencies after a winter storm created an overflow in 2010, but when the grant program expires, Brian Martinez, assistant plant superintendent and Plant Manager Dave Gromm have a goal for the wastewater department to fund 50 a year.

Roots, not your ancestors
Main line sewer replacement
....  The worst areas are lower Linda Mar, Fairway Park, Vallemar and Pedro Point. Workers see many contributing factors. Offset joints in a lateral is a good example. On Bower Road in 2011, workers replaced the whole main line and all the laterals. Now the flow is consistent. The worst neighborhoods will be tackled first. The city is replacing sewer lines in Lower Linda Mar. Some of them are underwater.  They are ready to go to bid to replace the main line from Anza Drive to Arguello Boulevard and for many of the laterals. "We'll see a lot of improvement in five years," Martinez said. 

....  Gromm identified the main challenge to the plant is the collection system. The existing pipes are being replaced with pipes that have a life expectancy of 100 years. "The plant sees an average of 3.1 million gallons of wastewater per day. In winter, the flow rate can reach 25 million gallons per day. It was built for a capacity of only 20 million gallons per day capacity. The pipes in the ground are degrading. That's why the collection system is being upgraded. When we reduce winter flow, that resolve the capacity issues at the plant. In winter, the pipes are taking in ground water," Gromm said."    Read article.

Reference - City Council meeting direct, 1/14.13, see Item 6, "staff report" background information, and Item 5, reduction of city root intrusion if you're interested.

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Anonymous said...

so people on bower road got all this fixed for free. The rest of the saps around town have to pay full bore. Nice.

Anonymous said...

oh what's the big deal anon? those people on bower musta signed a waiver. you know, a waiver like what big don signed. it's all good.