Tuesday, November 6, 2018

Keener Can Enjoy His Retirement

Pacifica City Council election results from Tuesday night.

SUE BECKMEYER 2,878 18.14% 

MIKE O'NEILL 2,830 17.84% 

MARY K. BIER 2,640 16.64% 

VICKIE FLORES 2,513 15.84% 

JOHN KEENER 2,282 14.38% 



I doubt the order will change over the next few days, which means O'Neill, Beckmeyer and Bier will be on council. 

Posted by Steve Sinai


Anonymous said...

Oh yeah, that's the good stuff right there, Sinai.

And more good news to come, because guess who's going to "crap a brick"(tm) when he finds himself thrown off the Planning Commission this March.

[hint: he knows karate and has been having a total meltdown on Nextdoor]

Anonymous said...

The really scary thing is that 731 voted for Duffy. I could understand 7 (doesn't she have family here?). 73 would have been sad and maybe forgivable, but over 700? Are people really not paying attention? If it goes to district elections, 731 could maybe even win a seat!!!

amy vegan said...

All white people. Really, Pacifica?

Anonymous said...

I'm sure you voted for Vickie Flores because you're not a hypocrite, right Amy?


amy vegan said...

i voted for a woman of color.

amy vegan said...

who is the karate meltdown person?

Anonymous said...

Karma for Keener if he loses his seat! My guess is the karate meltdown person on planning is Stegnick.

Steve Sinai said...

"i voted for a woman of color."

Me, too, although I didn't vote for her because of her skin color.

Anonymous said...

Only 183 voted between Keener and Flores. Whats/whos left to count? He may get in yet

Steve Sinai said...

Keener has to finish in the top 3 to remain on council. Simply passing Flores won't do that.

Anonymous said...

So Sinai, Are you taking credit for getting Keener kicked off City Council?

Anonymous said...

Who ever contributed to getting Keener NOT Elected should be congratulated!!!!!

Thank you!!!!!!! Now maybe we can look forward to some thoughts on getting income to the city, working on fixing our traffic problems, and taking care of our city and its residents! Especially the tax paying ones!!!

Voter-of-Color said...

See among people who voted for 'woman of color' are also people of various skin shades, cultural backgrounds, ethnic backgrounds, political affiliations etc.

If we consider that various different people can and have come together to vote a person, then we also have to consider that any candidate of any background is vote-worthy as long as they are qualified to do the job.

When you point out that you voted for a "woman of color" .. that is a very subtle form of racism which is intended to serve your emotional needs rather than proving any point.

Unknown said...

I hope she has learned her lesson and will not run again. No doubt people who voted for her where just trying to complete the task of filling in three boxes.

Keepin' it Real said...

1) Adonica lied and said she is a commissioner when she isn't one.

2) On her application to become A BOARD MEMBER she lied and said she was a Pacifica Rotary Club member when she isn't one.

3) She has still only attended ONE county board meeting and hasn't bothered to show up for the rest.

4) She submitted a ballot statement that spoke about how she's fought for the homeless as a member of this board, but it was a lie because she hadn't even attended ANY meeting at the time she submitted that statement.

5) When running, she failed to disclose that she was the subject of an ongoing criminal jury trial for hit and run while driving on a revoked license (in early October she ended up sentenced to 5 days in jail and 18 months probation).

6) When applying for the democrat endorsement, she lied and said no, she wasn't under a criminal investigation while her criminal jury trial was underway.

7) When applying for the San Mateo Democrats endorsement, she lied and said she was endorsed by Kevin Mullin.

But yeah, other than that, most qualified candidate ever and we didn't vote for her only because we're all racist.

Anonymous said...

Adonica not very credible for sure.People will real qualification were candidates.

Anonymous said...

It will be quite entertaining to watch Deirdre wiggle and morph her way into the new "practical" majority council. She is a pathological liar (just like Vreeland and Trump).
She can't stand not being loved or being the center of intention but she's still beholding to the Kaufman gang who helped get into office amorally.

The Local Libertarian said...

The "For-Progress" group of Pacifica now has a definitive advantage. We need to convert this advantage into a long term sustainable and repeatable success. We had a break because of what happened with Mary Ann. Expect full resistance in form of legal suits, public and personal trolling campaigns from the NIMBYs and NOBIEs. We have to be careful.

Anonymous said...

Keener and Deirdre got off there butts and ran for office. What have any of you chair jockey's done? Nothing hide behind the monitor and piss and moan.

Kathy Meeh (give us more wisdom, 'ol wise one) said...

308, without an identity, sounds like YOU are "pissing and moaning"-- so how does that work?
And isn't the issue really about "something better for Pacifica" (economic, social and civic balance) vs. the usual NIMBY "nothing for Pacifica" (hail Keener and Deirdre)?

Anonymous said...


Any numbnut can sit on council and vote no on everything. It doesn't take any skill or brainpower whatsoever to do that. Maybe that's why you're impressed by it.

What takes skill and finesse is actually getting something done in this city. So remind us, what have Keener and Deirdre actually passed, followed through, and accomplished in Pacifica while on council? Yeah, that's right, just as much as anyone hiding behind their monitor, pissing and moaning. Which is to say, nothing, but at least the "chair jockeys" do it for free.


Anonymous said...

8:31 totally cracks me up because it's true. Watch Martin 2.0 suddenly become everyone's "best friend" on council. Perhaps she'll drop her finger-wagging lecture routine as well.

On the other hand, she was regularly losing her shit while in the majority, so maybe now she'll let loose and go into full-on Maximum Freakout Mode. In any event, her unremarkable political career as a seat-warmer ends in two short years, so bring your popcorn to upcoming city council meetings and watch Martin unleashed!

Anonymous said...


You and Steve have all the free time in the world to play around on a blog that you don't make any money on.

You should run with Steve The power duo to save Pacifica!

Steve Sinai said...

9:08 PM, there was never any intention to make money on the blog. It's a labor of love.

Kathy Meeh (OMG) said...

908, ditto Steve 1141, Happy Holidays!

Anonymous said...

I too am looking forward to the Deirdre show.
She will say or do anything to get people to love her.
Her mentor, Cynthia Kaufman is a wannabe commie who should move to Cuba.
As for the rest of the "I Got Mine" Noby cult.....
I think they are either dying off or relocating to a cheaper area where the cost of living is covered by their welfare checks.

The Local Libertarian said...

@1:45 -- people listened to the communist tripe as long it promised them utopia supported by handouts. But that only held as long as the property values were within a certain range.
For people who've bought their homes in the 70s (much of Pacifica) the return is nearly 100x (or more) in today's market. Unless they have sustainable lines of income (other than govt handouts) they would be smart to sell and move. Which is what is happening.

The new comers who've bought in at the peak now want to protect their valuations/investments and will simply push towards that. Economics in action!

Anonymous said...

Hypocrisy reigns supreme. I'll bet that not one single NOBY/"I got mine", will resist making a 1000% profit on their beach hovels. These faux bleeding hearts for the under-housed will greedily scoop up their profits and move on to the next town to pull off their little scheme again. Sick bunch of parasites who don't give a lick about anyone but themselves while they berate us evil capitalists.

The Local Libertarian said...

There is a massive housing crisis for landed natives and current multi-generation immigrants in California today. And still they want to create "sanctuary cities". Where are they going to house the new immigrants who sole reason to come to America is economic betterment?

This is why I am opposed to rampant undocumented immigration. Legal immigration process acts as a barrier to stem the inflow so it matches the carrying capacity. Otherwise the immigrants are liable to enter into a new kind of economic slavery which then makes it worse for all of us.

How do we end up with $5/hr labor who are housing 10 heads to an apartment in the economically strongest state in the Union?


Ad these people who have contributed to the housing crisis are now fleeing the state to create crisis elsewhere:


What the NIMBIEs and NOBIEs have created for this country is an unforgivable mess.