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City Council meeting, Tuesday, November 13, 2018

Attend in person, 2212 Beach Boulevard, 2nd floor.  Or, view on local Pacific Coast television, PCT/Pacifica Channel 26PCT links to meeting videos: calendar, and recent coastside civic meeting videos. City Council and Planning Commission meetings begin at 7 p.m., or shortly there following.  City meeting agendas (current and archived) are available on the City meetings calendar.  City websites:  City Council, and Planning Commission. 

Interactive City Council Agenda, 11/13/18.      City Council Agenda 11/13/18, pdf pages 580. 

Closed Session, 6:00 p.m.
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Items 5 and 6. Thank you City for
fixing our potholes and paving our roads
A.   CA Govt Code 54957. Public performance evaluation: City Manager.   B. CA Govt Code 54957.6. Conference with City labor negotiator for:  City Manager.   C. CA Govt Code 54957.6.  Conference with labor negotiator for  Firefighters Local 2400, Teamsters Local 350 Department Directors.  

Open Session, 7:00 p.m.  Call to order, roll call, salute to flag. Closed Session report.
Special Presentations.  SamTrans/Jessica Epstein: Microtransportation.  
Consent Calendar
1.     Approval of financial disbursements (checks):  a) FY 2018-19,  10/3/18 - 10/12/18.
2.    Approval of Minutes, 10/22/18. 
3.    Cancellation of City Council meeting, 12/26/18, report. 
4.    Proclamation confirming existence of a local emergency, coastline from Westline Drive to the end of Beach Blvd, report. a) 400 Esplanade continued bluff failure, 11/1/18.
5.    Award Pavement Rehabilitation Project construction contract (FY 2017-18, Phase 1) to G. Bortolotto & Company, and CSG Consultants, Inc. for inspection:  Linda Mar Blvd (Adobe Drive to Alicante Drive and Oceana Blvd. (Milagra Drive to Monterey  Road), report.  a) G. Bortolotto contract, Phase 1. b) CSG contract, Phase 1.
6.    Award Pavement Rehabilitation Project construction contract (FY 2017-18, Phase II to G. Bortolotto & Company, and CSG Consultants, Inc. for inspection:  Linda Mar Blvd (Alicante Drive to Oddstad Blvd), report.  a) G. Bortolotto contract, Phase 2.  b) CSG contract, Phase 2.
7.    Approval of storage license agreement: Pacifica Historical Society continuing restoration of the Ocean Shore Railcare #1409, report.  a)  License agreement, 700 Coast Highway, WWTP site. b) photo exhibit A. c) map exhibit B.
8.    Approval of M-Group 3rd amendment for Planning Department project processing and management, (reimbursed by project applicants), report.  M-Group: a) Amendment 3.  b) Attachment 2.  c) Amendment 1.  d) M-Group agreement, 7/18/16.
9.    Notice of Completion: 400 Esplanade Infrastructure Preservation Project - Emergency Protective Measure, report/Resolution.
10.   Authorized salary range increase for the Information Systems and Technology Manager, report/Resolution.  a) Job specification.
11.   Municipal code TA-112-18, processing of Marijuana Use Permits, exempt from CEQA (second reading), report/Ordinance. a) report 10/22/18.
12.   Repeal and replace Article 4 "Sustainable Food Service Ware" standards (second reading), report/Ordinance.  a) report, 10/22/18.
13.   Adopt ordinance Article 4, "Sustainable Food Service Ware" within Chapter 5 of Title 6, regulating plastic beverage straws, stirrers, and cutlery and polystyrene disposable food service ware, (second reading), report/Ordinance.  a) report, 10/22/18. 
Communications (Oral):  Public, City Council, City Staff.

Public hearings
14.    Appeal of the Planning Commission approval, 10/1/18, of Marijuana Use Permit MUP-1-18, 2110 Palmetto Avenue (APN 016-182-360), report.  a) Draft Resolution denying the Appeal/Approving MUP-1-18.  b) Cannabis Business List (in Lottery Order).  c) Planning Commission Resolution 2018-006.  d) Planning Commission Minutes, 10/1/18.  e) Appeal from Adam Zollinger.  f) Planning Commission Agenda (B through F),10/1/18, pdf pages 51. 
15.   Adopt various City union bargaining units Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) and Salary Schedules, 2018-2021, report.  MOU and Salary Schedules:  a)  Management Employees, Teamsters Local 350, b) Salary Schedule. c) Fire Battalion Chiefs, Teamsters Local 856, d) Salary Schedule.  e) Pacifica Police Managers Association/Pacifica Police Supervisors Association, f) Salary Schedules.  g) Pacifica Police Officers Association, h) Salary schedule.  MOU Resolutions: i) Management Employees, Teamsters Local 350.  j)  Fire Battalion Chiefs, Teamsters Local 856.  k) Pacifica Police Managers Association/Pacifica Police Supervisors Association.  l) Pacifica Police Officers Association. 
16.   Citizen appointments to the Emergency Preparedness & Safety Commission, Economic Development Committee, and Beautification Advisory Committee, report.  List of applicants: a) Emergency Preparedness & Safety Commission, b) Economic Development Committee. c) Beautification Advisory Committee.
Adjourn.      Note photograph : Reuters Paris Pix (Twitter) from The News Wheel,"This Man is Planting Flowers in Potholes to Protest the Bad Roads in Brussels", 4/6/18.

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