Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Proposed rent law, it's complicated

Pacifica Tribune/Jane Northrop, Staff Writer, 6/5/17. "Pacifica's proposed rent law." 

"...  Pacifica’s proposed rent control ordinance. Although the council enacted rent control on a 'temporary' basis, voters in Pacifica may vote it down, or vote it up, in the fall elections."

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Way too confusing for me
and trust me, I know everything.
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Then again, the City leadership
could encourage building our share
of affordable/low income housing.
For those interested who may have missed this long, complicated requirement article-- included are elements of the following : rent commission, enforcement, financing, just cause, rent control, rent increases. 

Example, rent increase guidelines.  ".... The landlord may file a petition for an upward adjustment for the rent to ensure a fair and reasonable rate of return. ... Net operating income equals gross income minus operating expenses — Gross income includes gross rents, interest from deposits, income from services or parking plus all other income received from rental units. Operating expenses include real property taxes, unsecured property taxes, utility costs, management expenses including legal services, accounting and insurance, repair and maintenance, owner performed labor, license and registration fees not reimbursed by tenant and capital improvements. Excluded from operating expenses — avoidable and unnecessary increases in expenses, penalties or interest assessed, depreciation, security deposit, insurance settlement, judgment for damages, mortgage interest or principal and income taxes." Read article.

Related article. Pacifica Tribune/Pacifuica Tribune/SF, "Taking a closer look at rent control law." "....  Is that how the rent control folks propose to bring Pacifica together? Look, all we know for sure at this point is that this isn’t going to be a simple law. Many questions have not been fully researched by the city. The drafters of the law borrowed from other rent control statutes in other jurisdictions and stitched this one together in a rush. On first reading, the City Council didn’t even have the specific ordinance drafted before voting on it. This has all the earmarks of being a law that hurts the people it intends to help."

Note photographs. Confused woman image from Rozrywka24 gallery. Confused man (Trump) from, 10/4/15,"Donald Trump Makes Confused Faces."

Posted by Kathy Meeh


Make America Great Again! said...

Seriously. If you can't afford to live in the area with the highest rents and housing costs. Move! The taxpayers owe you nothing. We are on 3rd and 4th generation of section 8 and welfare recipients. This was not the reason why social hand outs were created.

Soylent Green is Rod Stewart said...

More people are living in each house. The incentive to rent out rooms and convert garages is very high. People are living in cars and vans and campers.
Did you ever see Soylent Green? The scoops are coming. Soylent Green is People! It's People!

Anonymous said...

Rod Stewart the Rocker?

Anonymous said...

CAREFUL.... don't put any ideas into the heads of our majority faux-enviro council.
They would argue that Soylent Green is good for the environment, eliminates the need for more housing and better roads and is a wonderful energy boost concoction for little Fido.

Clueless in Crespi said...

Soylent Green? Doesn't he play forward for the Warriors?

Cee Lo Green said...

I think he lives in Fairmont that is part of Daly City.