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Mavericks cancelled indefinitely

Surfer/Matthew B. Shaw, 6/6/17. "Planned auction of Big Wave Contests's assets cancelled indefinitely."

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Mavericks 2017, GONE. Sorry surfing enthusiasts!
For others, one day better Highway 1 traffic through Pacifica.
...  "From the underground, thrill-seeking hellmen who were her earliest antagonists to the organizers who’ve struggled to make a Mavericks surf contest event financially viable ...
True to form, a planned sale of assets associated with the short-lived and rarely held Titans Of Mavericks surf contest was canceled, as the offer failed to attract any willing buyers, according to a report by The Mercury News.

The sale was intended as part of the ongoing Chapter 11 bankruptcy proceedings from the Titan Of Mavericks’ management company, Cartel Management. The tailspin began after Red Bull Media House – a major contest sponsor – filed a lawsuit against Cartel over claims of a contract breach. The bankruptcy filing allowed the company to continue operations, but any hopes for a 2017 Titans contest were squashed when the event was canceled, and another fairly active Mavs season came and went without a proper invitational competition. ....   OG Mav’s charger and Mavericks Invitational, LLC. founder Jeff Clark has also filed a claim against Cartel for $2.1 million over.

....  San Mateo Harbor Commissioner Sabrina Brennan told TMN that her organization is hoping to streamline the permitting process for future contests, and they also hope to do a better job of vetting event organizers."  Read more.

Related article.  The Mercury News/Bay Area News Group/Sports, 1/27/17, "Big-wave bliss: Mavericks didn't need a contest to show its teeth." "It doesn’t take a contest for Mavericks to host a royal big-wave surf party. That’s what a crystal clear, bluebird day of 35-foot waves will do at the infamous spot off Pillar Point Harbor. ....  While it wasn’t quite up to the size standards required for the Titans of Mavericks to be called, there is hope that the proper mix of size (40-foot-plus faces) and weather (calm winds) will still materialize before the contest window closes March 31. ..."

Note photo/graphic from San Francisco Cheap Fun, "Mavericks Surf Contest 2016/Half Moon Bay, "The Mavericks window lasts from November 1, 2016 and March 31, 2017." 

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