Monday, December 12, 2016

Esplanade Avenue path to beach closed

ABC 7 news/Cornell Barnard, 12/11/16. "Popular Pacifica beach path collapses during storm," includes KGO-TV video, 2:15 minutes.
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Winter rain/cliff erosion continues.

"Neighbors are worried as the recent storm damaged the only foot path down to a beach on Esplanade Avenue.  .... ... The 30-foot section of the concrete path buckled and collapsed into the ocean during the storm.

"In terms of the beach, I don't know how you're going to get down there now," John McManus (Pacifica resident) said.  ABC7 News viewer Dave Moorehouse shared drone video of the collapse, showing a large green pipe that is now exposed and a clear view thru the hole, down to the surf.

 ....  The Pacifica city manager says the coastal access path is private property owned by a nearby apartment community. So far, the apartment's management has not released a statement." Read more, view video.

Update.  NBC Bay Area/Peninsula/Michelle Roberts, 12/13/16, "Crews working swiftly to repair hazardous sinkhole in Pacifica." .... "We'll be adding some pumping, some sand and then, when it's safe, we'll go down and fix the pipes," OceanAire Apartment Homes spokesperson Nasser Elsalhi said. ..."

Note photograph. Path to beach "Beach access closed" image by Cornell Barnard from the above ABC 7/KGO-TV article.

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